Can Terminators feel fear?

Five months since Uncle Bob got a new CPU and T-3000 being returned to his timeline. One quiet night in Florida things come to a abrupt change. Skynet, somehow in the future, locked on where Uncle Bob was and sent a T-850 after him. Oh and Hannah is pregnant. Uncle Bob quickly takes out the T-850. Our story goes on with this one question: How on Earth is Skynet locking on Uncle Bob so often?

Because that is NOT the only Terminator going to be sent after Uncle Bob.

Alternate Universe; if this story isn't as good as the previous you can disregard this story as a canon sequel.

The story begins in 2016.


12. Two years later

...June 1st...2018...

..Los Angeles...

"Sarah, are you sure you want me to take only John and his dog to a underground shelter?" Uncle Bob asks.

Sarah nods.

"I'll rather die knowing my son will live," Sarah said. "There's only enough supplies for a army and a couple animals. If I were part of the survivors group; then the supplies would be depleted in half a year."

Uncle Bob looks at Sarah for awhile.

"If that is what you wish,"  Uncle Bob said.

"By the way, John is at Summer School," Sarah adds.

Uncle Bob raises his eyebrows.

"...What class did he fail this time?" Uncle Bob asks.

"Math," Sarah said.

So Uncle Bob left with Maxy and what he could take of John's stuff. Hannah is already in a sheltered location along with their two  year old son Jacob in the mountains since the damage is not going to be so severe. Uncle Bob goes past the speed limit ditching the police cars in the way by going through ridiculous passages. It took thirty minutes to arrive at Summer School along with dirty wheels leaving tracks behind.

Uncle Bob walks into the building and shuts the door behind him.

Uncle Bob goes to the receptionist.

"I am here to pick up John Klepton," Uncle Bob said.

Cathy Stewie, at least that is what her name tag read, glances up to Uncle  Bob.

"On his first day?" Cathy asks. "What is the matter?"

"His mother died," Uncle Bob lied.

"I'll call him in," Cathy said, picking up the phone.  Cathy looks over to the paperwork on the table glancing over. "Hey Martha, that Krypton kid..." Her eyes trail back to the wooden surface of the table. "He just lost a parent today....Yeah....His...."

Cathy looks up raising a brow.

"Uncle," Uncle Bob said. "Uncle  Bob."

"His Uncle Bob is here to pick him up," Cathy said. She smiles. "Okay."

Cathy puts down the phone.

"Thank you," Uncle Bob said.

"John will be here in 10 minutes," Cathy said. "Don't thank me. Thank god."

Uncle Bob wishes he had a god to thank but he didn't have any, sadly.

His creator is Skynet.

Which is going to be self aware in a few hours and decide the fate of the entire world. Uncle Bob is contemplating the rest of his day after dropping John off at the shelter with the jeep. He preferred to do the walking rather than take the only form of transport John could have after Judgement Day. If Uncle Bob had to wait a few years to appear in front of his family in the flesh; that time constraint can be used to his advantage.

He could shut himself down and allow the healing to occur, take at least...Three to four years.

Then he would have to get himself a new pair of eyes.

And regrow his tongue,as well.

His new arms are adjusted to grow everything that his T-800 body is capable of. He lost his other arm last year getting rid of  a T-820 who was a pain in the rear to terminate. Terminating Terminators turned annoying to Uncle Bob; but at least they weren't tracking him! Skynet instead found a way to track T-1200.

"Hey Uncle," John said, coming with his bookbag swung over his shoulder. "What's the hold up?"

"We are leaving," Uncle Bob said, grabbing John by the collar.

Uncle Bob tows John out of the building.

"Uncle!" John shouts. "I thought we agreed no more collar tugging!"

Uncle Bob opens the passenger door then drops John.

"In," Uncle Bob said, going over to the driver seat.

Maxy is in the backseat.

"Uh, where are we going?" John asks.

"John, get in," Uncle Bob said, getting into the driver's seat.

"Why?" John asks.

"You'll find out in approximately two hours and thirty minutes," Uncle Bob said.

"You know my 15th birthday was a couple months ago," John said.

"Get in," Uncle Bob repeats.

John gets into the passenger seat, buckles up, and shuts the passenger side door.

"Can you at least tell me what is up?" John asks.

Uncle Bob backs out of the parking lot.

"I promised Sarah Connor not to tell until the time has elapsed," Uncle Bob said.

"This is a super duper late surprise party, really," John said.

Uncle Bob drives somehow making it past law enforcement. John held onto the handle  that is part of the passenger side door. John has the look of terror on his face. Uncle Bob has a casual not-frightened-at-all reaction on his face. Uncle Bob whistles while the van flew over a speed bump in mid air above a fleet of motorcyclists.

They landed behind the motorcyclists with a thump to the pavement.

"What kind of surprise party is this?" John asks, visibly frightened.

"Judgement Day," Uncle Bob said.

"That is not a funny joke," John said.

"One day, you will see the humor in it," Uncle Bob said. "One day..."

Uncle Bob takes a quick turn into a abandoned street corner then drove right on through it.

"BOB!" John shouts. "This car is not made of steel!"

"John, that is a optical illusion," Uncle Bob said, as the wail of police cars is evident behind the sleek and small van. "Close your eyes."

John closes his eyes.

"Why do you have people chasing after you again?"  John asks.

"Not right now," Uncle Bob said.

"I mean the last time you had people after you was when you had a chip in your shoulder,"  John said.

"Elbow, not shoulder," Uncle Bob corrects John.

"Yeah,yeah,yeah, same difference," John said, cupping the side of his face with his eyes closed.

John leans against the side of his seatbelt.

"Uncle Bob, can Terminators feel emotions?" John asked, long ago.

Uncle Bob looks over to see John falling asleep.

Of course, Uncle Bob replied with, "I am not sure."

"So there is no files about Terminator having emotions?" John asked.

"Terminators having emotions is a distraction," Uncle Bob said.

But now Uncle Bob had back track that.

"John," Uncle Bob said.

"Yes?" John asks.

"Terminators do have emotions," Uncle Bob said. "They are not just important enough for Skynet to take note of them." He looks over the review mirror. "And they are not a distraction. Sometimes they are useful on missions." Uncle  Bob takes  takes a right turn into a dark warehouse.  "We Terminators take advantage of that and some of us..." He recalled stopping in the middle of the road because of Cyborg John lying there on his side. "Don't."

Uncle Bob would never hurt John.

Uncle Bob frankly cared about his charge too much.

Uncle Bob recalled throwing Cyborg John into the field.

"I will catch up with some naptime," John said. "Wake me up when we are there."

Maxy whines pacing in the back.

"I will," Uncle Bob said.

John fell asleep.

Maxy whines.

"You'll be fine, Max," Uncle Bob said. "Calm down."

Maxy sat down appearing to be concerned.

"You are not the only one frightened about today," Uncle Bob said, as his eyes glow a shade of red.

Honestly, Uncle Bob felt scared that he might fail.

Uncle Bob looks up to a photograph of him with John at a rock concert making the peace out sign.

"I hope this turns out fine," Uncle Bob said.

Three hours later Uncle Bob came to the underground base where a woman about the age of fourteen is staying along with some other teenagers. That woman we are talking about is Katherine Brewster not much ready for adult life. Uncle Bob parks the van inside the shelter, lets out Maxy, puts the van in park, and gets John out.

"Hey," Katherine said. "Who are you? Can you give me some straight answers?"

"Katherine Brewster," Uncle Bob said.

"You are not me," Katherine said.

"I am Uncle Bob," Uncle Bob said. "That is my designation," He slides John into a chair. "And there is a future you should be prepared for. This whole base was designed for the future that will come after the events of today  and you, only you, will have a hand in helping those who have survived treat their wounds."

"You sound like a fake prophet," Katherine said.

"I will not reply with sass,Miss Brewster," Uncle  Bob said.

"Are our parents aware of your abductions?" Austin Fallowway said.

"No," Uncle Bob said. "I must go. And you will not go out of this building until..." He looks down to his watch. "24 hours," He takes off the watch then tosses it over to a boy named James Kallofey. "Here, you will need it more than I do."

James blinks.

"Where the hell do you think you are going?"  Katherine asks, tagging after Uncle Bob. "I want answers!"

Uncle Bob stops short in his tracks.

"Today is Judgement Day, Katherine Brewster," Uncle Bob said. "Three billion people will die and if you raise your voice much higher before I leave..." Uncle Bob has a pause. His face grew grim. "Oh well, then you're dead and so is everyone in this room because they choose to follow that young man over there after me,"  Uncle Bob points over to  John slumped on a chair. "He is the leader of the resistance against the machines."

"What about you?" Katherine asks.

"I am a cyborg," Uncle Bob said. "I have no role after this." He lowers his voice then looks over to  John and back to Katherine. "Take care of my John..." Katherine stares at Uncle Bob. "He may not be the best kid, but he does generally care in heart despite what he says."

"Awww," Fallowway said.

"I...I will," Katherine said.

Uncle Bob nods, as though sealing a invisible agreement with Katherine.

"Goodbye," Katherine said.

Uncle Bob leaves the building through the tunnel.

That was the last time she would see him until 2047.

Uncle Bob walks all the way back to the deserted road alongside the pavement right at the shoulder of the road. Uncle Bob is thankful that he could not feel pain. He is thankful for storing supplies, building the underground shelter that has a trap set up for the boulders to fall into place the hour had struck due to a timer, and construction vehicles left inside the building. Cyborg Gibbons had been terminated by T-1200.

Uncle Bob had to find a basement of the sorts.  Just to stay under for the next few years to allow his skin to heal. Skynet launched that day, three billion people including Sarah Connor died, and the unusual Terminator family survived. The Resistance survived as well. John Connor and Katherine Brewster lived to fight another day.

Uncle Bob went into a basement, shut down with healing mode on, and put on a exact time to be reactivated.

The End

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