Can Terminators feel fear?

Five months since Uncle Bob got a new CPU and T-3000 being returned to his timeline. One quiet night in Florida things come to a abrupt change. Skynet, somehow in the future, locked on where Uncle Bob was and sent a T-850 after him. Oh and Hannah is pregnant. Uncle Bob quickly takes out the T-850. Our story goes on with this one question: How on Earth is Skynet locking on Uncle Bob so often?

Because that is NOT the only Terminator going to be sent after Uncle Bob.

Alternate Universe; if this story isn't as good as the previous you can disregard this story as a canon sequel.

The story begins in 2016.


8. Terminators don't

...June 5th,2016....


Uncle Bob parks at the house, gets out the car, and rushes inside the house through the open door. He picks up the ipad that is small enough for a case so Uncle Bob put it into a case. Hannah walks out of the bedroom holding a picture with a smile on her face that would normally be on the face of a expecting parent. She stops short seeing Uncle Bob getting some bags ready.

"Bob, what is wrong?" Hannah asks.

"Gibbons," Uncle Bob said.

"What about Gibbons?" Hannah asks.

"He has been turned into a Terminator," Uncle Bob said.

Hannah's face turns pale

"Oh no," Hannah said. "I'll start packing--"

"Hannah, you are not going with me," Uncle Bob said.

Hannah frowns.

"Why?" Hannah asks.

"Because you are pregnant," Uncle Bob said.

Hannah folds her arms.

"...Bob, tell me why," Hannah said. "You told me 'Terminators cannot harm pregnant woman' a couple months ago."

Uncle Bob sighs.

"I am afraid of hurting you," Uncle Bob said.

Hannah sighs.

"You can't hurt me," Hannah said. "It is not in your programming."

"I am not sure if  Skynet has continued that practice in the slaves," Uncle Bob said. "I do not want you to be around me until..."

"The  Series 3000 is terminated," Hannah finishes.

"Affirmative," Uncle Bob said, with a nod. "What is on the photo?"

Hannah holds up the photo with a smile.

"Honey,I just got the news," Hannah said. "We are having a healthy baby boy!"

"Hannah, duck," Uncle Bob said.

"What--" Hannah starts to say.

The next sound is bullets so Hannah ducks.

"No kidding!" Hannah said.

Uncle Bob takes out a rather large rounded canon shaped item from a bag. He puts inside a rounded ball with a string into the ammunition.  Uncle Bob presses the trigger this time aiming into the chest of the T-3000. A large huge bullet crashes through the window shattering glass in its wake leaving behind a loud sound wave behind.

"This one will prevent him from coming any closer," Uncle Bob said.  Hannah gets up, visibly shaken by the attack.  "His cybernetic side will be distorted if he comes any closer to this apartment."

"Why would he be after you?" Hannah asks.

"He is connected to Skynet," Uncle Bob said. "Agent Gibbons thinks he is going on his own will but that is not true. He is obeying orders from Skynet to go on a mission to eliminate a threat....Which is me." Uncle Bob taps on the ipad screen putting in a number. "Hannah, you should visit your parents for awhile."

"My parents and I are estranged," Hannah said.

"Any close friends at work?" Uncle Bob asks.

"There is Jacob  O'Hearing," Hannah said.

"Go visit Jacob for awhile," Uncle  Bob said.

"...This is gonna be a funny story," Hannah said.

"Just say the house is getting fumigated," Uncle Bob said.

"How the hell am I going to get out?" Hannah asks.

"Just walk right out," Uncle Bob said.

Hannah's eyes are full of fear.

"Bob!" Hannah said, feeling scared facing another model being different from the one she encountered months ago.

"Back door," Uncle Bob said.

"You know, this would be awkward for O'Hearing if we were married," Hannah said, jokingly.

"Are you suggesting we get married after this issue is resolved?" Uncle Bob asks.

"It is weird living with the father of the baby and not being married to them," Hannah said.

Of course, Hannah is living with a cyborg, anyhow.

Who apparently does care about her.

"That is a weird form of 'yes'," Uncle Bob said. "Perhaps I should register that reply to the 'yes' department in my processor."

"Bob!" Hannah said.

Uncle Bob smiles.

"Kidding," Uncle Bob said.

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