Can Terminators feel fear?

Five months since Uncle Bob got a new CPU and T-3000 being returned to his timeline. One quiet night in Florida things come to a abrupt change. Skynet, somehow in the future, locked on where Uncle Bob was and sent a T-850 after him. Oh and Hannah is pregnant. Uncle Bob quickly takes out the T-850. Our story goes on with this one question: How on Earth is Skynet locking on Uncle Bob so often?

Because that is NOT the only Terminator going to be sent after Uncle Bob.

Alternate Universe; if this story isn't as good as the previous you can disregard this story as a canon sequel.

The story begins in 2016.


4. He acts like he doesn't know

...January 5th...2016..

...FBI building...9:58 AM...

"Sir, Bob Connor is here,"  Agent Farnell said.

"What?" Agent Gibbons, in surprise looking up from paperwork with  Agent Victoria.

Agent Victoria is stunned.

"In interrogation,"  Agent Farnell said. "We need some of your expertise with him."

"Why?" Agent Gibbons and Agent Victoria ask.

"We caught him at the site of a serial killing, He  had the knife in his hand," Agent Farnell said.

"Uh huh," Agent Gibbons said, feeling a tingling sensation in his arm so he grabs at it.

"And he refers to himself as T-800," Agent Farnell said. "Even though we ID'ed him as Bob Connor."

"How odd," Agent Victoria said.

"Why...Another one,"  Agent Gibbons said, with a sigh.

"Sir?" Agent Farnell said.

"I'll take the interrogation,"  Agent Gibbons said. "That is Bob's brother...Bobby."

"I do not recall there being a relative to Bob Connor," Agent Victoria said.

"...Are you kidding?" Agent Farnell said, staring at Agent Gibbons with boggled eyes.

"Yes, his name is actually Fred Connor," Agent Gibbons said, with a quick nod. "I need to make a call."

"I'll have my partner stand guard at the door," Agent Farnell said.

Agent Gibbons leaves the two heading directly to the men's room. Agent Gibbons opens the door then shuts it behind himself. He walks over to the sink taking out the phone from his breast pocket because it is so small and thin it an act as a shield. He lost his last phone that way without wearing a vest when approaching a suspect two years ago.

Agent Gibbons scrolls down using his thumb on the phone.

"UB,UB,UB," Agent Gibbons repeats to himself trailing down the letters.

Agent Gibbons  had two initials as Uncle Bob's username; a name that Uncle Bob highly insisted on since there were at least three other 'Bobs' on there.  His eyes squint at the screen until his thumb stops sliding and his eye are pinned at one arrangement of letters. Agent Gibbons taps on the screen hitting the call button. He puts the phone to his ear.

"Hello," Uncle Bob said, sounding like is driving.

"You know talking while driving is illegal, right?" Agent Gibbons said.

"I have a blue tooth," Uncle Bob said. "Hannah bought it."

"Ooh," Agent Gibbons said.

"What are you calling about?" Uncle Bob asks.

"Uh,that is a funny story,"  Agent Gibbons said, sheepishly.

"I am taking online classes on humor," Uncle Bob said.

"Where are you?" Agent Gibbons asks, rubbing his right arm.

"Somewhere in Arizona but can't be exactly sure," Uncle Bob said, as the sound of wheels screeching is heard.

"ARIZONA?" Agent Gibbons exclaims.

"I am getting rid of a T-890 resembling Vin Diesel," Uncle Bob said. "This one has Riddick's eyes...Strangely. I have a bomb capable of deteriorating this model."

"I have a summer house on Brody Street, James Bond Street," Agent Gibbons said. "I don't use it anymore and have been planning to sell the lot anyhow. My house is the one without a sunroof and there is a dog statue on the front lawn."

"Thank you," Uncle Bob said. "Now why do you call?"

"Well, we got either a T-850 or T-800 that you told me about--the ones resembling you--in interrogation," Agent Gibbons said.

"Ah, how old does he look?" Uncle Bob asks.

Agent Gibbons is at first unable to comprehend this question.

"Excuse me?" Agent Gibbons said, at first stunned.

"I'll know how long he's been in this era," Uncle Bob said. "If his hair is completely white; he might be sixty to fifty."

"I didn't know you can age," Agent Gibbons said.

"T-800's can age," Uncle Bob said. "'T-850's skin is a type of plastic that can't age."

"I haven't checked on the man," Agent Gibbons sad.

"If his hair is graying; then I strongly advise caution," Uncle Bob said. "Or if his hair is still a bright red then have a eye on him. Older models are not necessarily dangerous but still...Whether strong."

So either way; Agent Gibbons had to exercise caution.

"What do you advise I do?" Agent Gibbons asks.

"Take his CPU out and break his helmet," Uncle Bob said. "You must do it out of interrogation, apparently..."

"And dump the body somewhere," Agent Gibbons said. 

"Yes," Uncle Bob said. "Such as a active volcano or a heavy hydraulic press."

"Ah," Agent Gibbons said. "I see."

"Good luck," Uncle Bob said. "Call end."

The call ended and Agent Gibbons puts the phone away.

A sharp stinging pain shot into his elbow.

"Ow," Agent  Gibbons said, rolling up his sleeve.

His skin is Caucasian but strangely there is what seems to be a gray fluid moving up under his skin bypassing his nerves. He grips on the counter gritting his teeth together  fending off the pain thinking of something else. Something other than pain.  Agent Gibbons  thought back at the first time Henry  and David met him and his husband. How they had fun on their first day as a family. The pain retreats but what is left behind is inward dent into the counter of the table that encompasses the three sinks.

"Get a grip, Charlie," Agent Gibbons reminds himself.

Agent Gibbons comes to the door rolling down his sleeve.

Agent Gibbons had to keep himself together.

"One...two...three; showtime," Agent Gibbons said.

Agent Gibbons opens the door and our scene transitions to the interrogation room where Agent Gibbons comes in. There sat in the suspect chair a T-800 who recently had shaved his head, wears fancy sunglasses over his head, and had on a flashy attire. Agent Gibbons found that odd to see a Terminator being that way.

Agent Gibbons turns towards the screen and made the 'cut the sound out' gesture.

Agent Gibbons turns towards the Terminator.

"What model are you,Series 800 or Series 850?" Agent Gibbons asks.

"Series 800, But you may call me Mi," Mi said. "I have been looking for a fella about my height, ten years  younger, and with hair."

"I do not engage in helping a  assassin take out a potentially resourceful ally," Agent Gibbons said, at first.

"Ah ha," Mi said. "So the fella lives."

Agent Gibbons looks at Mi strangely.

"How long have been in this world?" Agent Gibbons asks.

"13 years and counting, boring years," Mi said, smacking a dent into the table. "Feel like I came late!"

Agent Gibbons flinches.

"You did," Agent Gibbons said. "I got off the phone with your target a couple minutes ago."

Mi stares at Agent Gibbons.

"Where is he?" Mi asks, as Agent  Gibbons sits on the side of the table.

"I can show you," Agent Gibbons said.

Mi smiles, a generally small one.

"In handcuffs?" Mi said, holding up his hands.

"In handcuffs," Agent Gibbons said. "I am exercising caution for everyone in this building."

"Take me to this model," Mi said.

"If you promise not to kill me," Agent Gibbons said.

"I detect something in your arm....Growing," Mi said, confused.

"Yes, that you do," Agent Gibbons said.

"Why do you have metal growing in your god damn arm?" Mi asks, intrigued.

Agent Gibbons blinks, trying to register if he really heard what he heard from a Terminator.

"Because I was infected," Agent Gibbons said.

"By whom?" Mi asks.

A sly smile appears on Agent Gibbon's face.

"You should know," Agent Gibbons said. "You were sent by it."

Mi frowns.

"I am confused and very unaware of what Skynet does except for my mission," Mi said. "To terminate a lost cause before it gets any further. That cause has been compromised."

"What if I old you...Something dark and secretive?" Agent Gibbons asks.

"I would take it with me once I've shut down upon accomplishing my mission," Mi said. "I cannot self terminate myself such as the one I am sent to terminate."

Agent Gibbons has a smug look on his face.

"About that promise," Agent Gibbons said, getting off the table.

"I promise not to terminate you," Mi said.

"Give me your word," Agent Gibbons said, having  a grim look.

"I give you my word and hope to terminate my target," Mi said, holding his hands up.

"You have me convinced," Agent Gibbons said,opening the door. "Now, just follow me."

Our scene transitions to fifteen minutes later in Agent  Gibbon's detective car with Agent Victoria alongside in the passenger seat. Agent Victoria seems to be uneasy and concerned sitting in the passenger seat glancing off to Agent Gibbons. There is a unsure atmosphere in the vehicle surrounding the three within the air. Agent Victoria has the window rolled down to her shoulder letting in a gentle breeze.

"Gibbons, where are we going?" Agent  Victoria  asks.

"To my target, miss," Mi said.

Agent Gibbons shot a wink to Agent Victoria.

"Trust me on this," Agent Gibbons said, reassuringly.

"How can I trust you when I don't know a damn where we are going?" Agent Victoria said.

Agent Gibbons laughs.

"Read this book," Agent Gibbons said, handing a copy of 'The Clean Man' by Robert Patterson to Agent Victoria.

Agent Victoria opens the book and finds the text scrawled in 'We are going to kill this Terminator for Bob Connor'.

"Got the message clear," Mi said.

"Loud and bright," Agent Victoria said, flashing a smile towards Mi. "I love Robert Patterson."

Agent Victoria puts the book on the desk.

"I believe that is loud and clear," Mi said, with a grumble. "Not loud and bright."

"I have heard it both ways," Agent Victoria said.

"Impossible," Mi said.

"But not possible," Agent Victoria said. "You are  here  chatting with us. You should be impossible."

"I was made win the future, dummy," Mi said. "A possible one."

"I am not going to further this conversation," Agent Victoria said.

"Ah, wise choice young one," Mi said.

"Why you talk like a old person," Agent Victoria said.

"My model is already out of date to Skynet's constant ongoing production of new models," Mi said.

"So you talk like a old person?"Agent Victoria repeats.

"Yes," Mi said.

"Your logic is flawed," Agent Victoria said.

"So is my name, young one," Mi said.

Agent Gibbons grips on the wheel tightly feeling pain stinging in his shoulder.

"Think of something good, Agent," Mi said, putting one of his cuffed hands on Agent Gibbons's shoulder.

Agent Gibbons winces.

"Charlie?" Agent Victoria said. "What is wrong?"

Agent Gibbons takes a sharp turn to the right.

"Ah," Agent Gibbons said.

He feels pain from the other shoulder Mi is pressing on.

"Hey, stop it!" Agent Victoria said.  "Stop pressing on his shoulder!"

"He needs a distraction, young one!" Mi said. "Be thankful."

Agent Gibbons sighs feeling relief in his right shoulder when Mi takes his fingers off.

"Thank you," Agent Gibbons mutters.

"You are taking me to my target," Mi said. "It is only fair I help."

If only I really were, Agent Gibbons thought shooting a look to Agent Victoria.

Too bad Agent Victoria will be a accomplice in the murder of a Terminator.

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