Can Terminators feel fear?

Five months since Uncle Bob got a new CPU and T-3000 being returned to his timeline. One quiet night in Florida things come to a abrupt change. Skynet, somehow in the future, locked on where Uncle Bob was and sent a T-850 after him. Oh and Hannah is pregnant. Uncle Bob quickly takes out the T-850. Our story goes on with this one question: How on Earth is Skynet locking on Uncle Bob so often?

Because that is NOT the only Terminator going to be sent after Uncle Bob.

Alternate Universe; if this story isn't as good as the previous you can disregard this story as a canon sequel.

The story begins in 2016.


2. Being sick for a different reason

Two blue lines appeared on the gray monitor.

Hannah's hand trembles.

"I thought....I thought...I thought that is not possible," Hannah said, getting up off the closed toilet in her PJ's.

Hannah takes a turn to the right beside the drawer once exiting the bathroom then takes another turn going down the open doorway. Hannah saw the front door left ajar and the closet door is oddly left open to which she found out by bumping into it. Hannah rubs her nose. Oh great, Hannah thought, I got a black nose.

Can people get a black nose?

It was a  far fetched guess.

"Bob?" Hannah calls.

"I am in the basement," Uncle Bob's voice came from behind the couch.

Hannah goes down the hall, walks around the couch, and saw a new addition to the house.

"Bob, there wasn't a basement when we moved in here," Hannah said.

"I know," Uncle Bob said. "But is nice to have a underground stash of ammo for any Resistance Members who station here."

Hannah walks down the stairs.

"What are you doing, anyway?" Hannah asks.

Hannah stops in her tracks seeing Uncle Bob standing beside a full replica of himself on the table.

"Apparently Skynet has tracked me," Uncle Bob said.

"Again?" Hannah asks.

"I am surprised you didn't hear the mini van to the Sandler's family exploding right across," Uncle Bob said.

Hannah blinks.

"You did what?" Hannah asks.

"I blew up the Sandler's family van," Uncle Bob said, bluntly. Hannah can hear sirens. "It was an accident."

Hannah folds her arms.

"Bob, did you visit the movies yesterday?" Hannah asks.

Uncle Bob hesitates.

"No," Uncle Bob said.

"You are a bad liar," Hannah said. "Let me guess; you were watching a new Star Trek movie."

"Star Wars,"  Uncle Bob said. "Star Wars has lightshabers and Star Trek has phasers."

"Ah ha!" Hannah said. "You are a Warsie!"

"A...what?" Uncle Bob said.

"Fan of Star  Wars," Hannah said, with a smirk.

"John referred to himself as a Falcon crew member," Uncle Bob said. "C3PO is lesser than what I am for being a tin can with a golden theme armor."

Hannah notices Uncle Bob has his neck covered by a white kind of 'band aid' thing? It is square and sticking to his neck. Part of his wrist has the same thing covering it. 

"Excuse me, but C3PO was built by a child," Hannah said. "You were built by a grown up."

"I was made by Skynet on a assembly line," Uncle Bob said.

Now, that is a first to hear from Uncle Bob.

Uncle Bob didn't really tell Hannah how he was made.

"Assembly line?" Hannah asks.

"Yes," Uncle Bob said. "There is also a industrial mold to add skin at the last stage. Then we are put in pods or on a line of hangars with a table, arm rest, and feet rest platforms."

"Wow, that is interesting," Hannah said. "...And fascinating."

Uncle Bob's eyes dart towards the item in Hannah's hand.

"Your pregnancy test is more interesting than how I was created," Uncle Bob said. "What does it say?"

"I am pregnant," Hannah said.  "And you are the father."

"Terminators are sterile," Uncle Bob said.

"Well,you are not, buddy," Hannah said.

"This is a surprise," Uncle Bob said. "We didn't engage in your kind of fun for the past few days."

"Morning sickness takes a while," Hannah said. "And your condom didn't work."

A couple days ago, Hannah had a 'brilliant idea'. What did it involve? Uncle Bob's 'romantic' programming. Uncle Bob long believed he didn't have the programming to be 'romantic' as Hannah had put it so she gave herself a treat and wanted to show Uncle Bob how pleasure is like between two people who really like each other. Now, that was difficult to pull off with a Terminator who cannot feel but can sense wounds.

How did she gift the romantic programming?

Hannah had to go into the deep web and request  a 'romantic program' for a machine through some black hats. A day later the programming came up in her email; a collection of romance from fictional to non-fictional. Turns out a human can pull off proving that sense something different when engaging in something new. Such as reproduction with a human.

After that night Uncle Bob took off the programming and tossed the condom away.

"I want this model to be disposed of," Uncle Bob said, changing the subkect. "I can't leave evidence behind for Skynet to pick up."

"Hey," Hannah said, stepping forwards putting the pregnancy test on the table. "Maybe that..." She glances over to the deactivated T-850 then over to Uncle Bob. "Body can be a decoy or better yet a body for spare parts."

Uncle Bob did not seem to be pleased by the idea.

"You know how creepy it is to be staring at a model exactly like you but different purpose?"

"No, but--"

"I am taking off that models skin. No buts about it."

Hannah raises her brows.

"...Even though it's for spare parts you would rather not have a duplicate of yourself with skin to act as a double?" Hannah asks.

"Hannah, it creeps me out," Uncle Bob said.

Hannah sighs.

"We can always leave it in the basement!" Hannah said.

"What about when we are moving?" Uncle Bob asks.

"It goes in the U-Haul," Hannah said. "In a big long box."

"Basement, and no where else," Uncle Bob said.

Hannah grins.

"I pinkie swear!" Hannah exclaims, holding her pinkie finger up.

Uncle Bob stares at her pinkie at first bewildered and then a frown appears on his face.

"I want your word on it," Uncle Bob said.

Hannah lowers her hand.

"You have my word," Hannah said. "And what about that movie? Did you get into trouble?"

Uncle Bob hesitates, again.

"...No," Uncle Bob said.

"Bob, what the heck happened?" Hannah asks.

"A little inconvenience," Uncle Bob said.

Hannah sighs.

"Bob, I will find out," Hannah reminds Uncle Bob.

"Check Facebook," Uncle Bob said.

"Tell me everything is on private so no one sees what you do," Hannah said.

"Yes," Uncle Bob said. "I rather not talk about it."

"Are you scared about being a father?"  Hannah asks. "It is alright to be scared. First time parents are over protective of their children."

"If it is a boy; he better not be named after John," Uncle Bob said. "One John Connor is enough."

"...Well that's nifty," Hannah said, jokingly. "You already have a name to pick off."

"And Terminators do not get scared," Uncle Bob said.

"Hahahaha," Hannah said, amused. "Everyone gets scared, Bob! It is what makes us...Human."

"Hannah," Uncle Bob said. "It is in the middle of the night and you apparently took off your pants and underwear."

Hannah looks down then covers her private area.

"Bob, why did you not tell me that earlier?" Hannah asks, feeling her face become steaming hot.

"Because I don't care whether people are naked in this house," Uncle Bob said. "If they are comfortable being naked."

"I am uncomfortable walking around the house naked," Hannah said.

Hannah picks up the pregnancy test then goes up the stairs.

"Obviously," Uncle Bob said.

Truth to be told, Uncle Bob has never been a father.  John is a different story, different circumstance,and different reason. But maybe, just maybe,  he can become a father figure to his own even as a robot capable of outliving his children. Possibly his legacy out living him while he falls to glitches or to being Terminated. Uncle Bob had to look at his future like a grain of salt because not every day is there a T-800 living to a ripe old age with skin.

Uncle Bob looks over towards the T-850. This is a assassin Terminator more tough and advanced than he is. But Uncle Bob targeted the neck and the T-850 deactivated. Uncle Bob is the only T-800 as far with the fuel energy cells. Of course he can live without them for 100 years but to live longer than that he would need the fuel cells. The fuel cells are in a safe storage in the closet within a metal box. How can he explain to his child--if he does live long enough--that his father is a Terminator? Oh right, 'your Dad is a Terminator'.

Perhaps he can explain when the child is old enough to understand.

Uncle Bob heard Hannah going down the hall.

Uncle Bob goes up the stairs leaving the T-850 behind in the darkness.

How did Skynet find Uncle Bob's location?

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