Can Terminators feel fear?

Five months since Uncle Bob got a new CPU and T-3000 being returned to his timeline. One quiet night in Florida things come to a abrupt change. Skynet, somehow in the future, locked on where Uncle Bob was and sent a T-850 after him. Oh and Hannah is pregnant. Uncle Bob quickly takes out the T-850. Our story goes on with this one question: How on Earth is Skynet locking on Uncle Bob so often?

Because that is NOT the only Terminator going to be sent after Uncle Bob.

Alternate Universe; if this story isn't as good as the previous you can disregard this story as a canon sequel.

The story begins in 2016.


6. Back to Florida

...January 6th, 2016...

...On the road...8:48 PM

"Uncle Bob," John said.

"Yes?" Uncle Bob said.

"Do you have children in the future?" John asks.

Uncle Bob looks towards the review mirror.

"I do not have files on the subject," Uncle  Bob said. "If they were important to my future; I would know."

John sighs.

"That's really not an answer," John said. "You know the future if something is happening right now like Hannah being pregnant."

"She is," Uncle  Bob said.

A happy look spread across John's face.

"Oh boy!" John said. "That is awesome! I wasn't aware that Terminators can reproduce."

"Nor was I," Uncle Bob said.

"How does it feel to be a dad?" John asks.

"Weird," Uncle Bob said.

"Define weird," John said.

"Terminators are not expected to have offspring while I-950 are expected to make clones of themselves,"  Uncle Bob explains. "I am suppose to be sterile."

"What is a I-950?" John asks.

"Blonde woman with bodies of a Terminator and a reproduction system," Uncle Bob said, tapping his fingers on the wheel. "Conditioned to be strong as my  model and they necessarily never see their clones even to their death."

"...But who raises the doubles?" John asks.

"Other T-800 sent to accompany them," Uncle Bob said. "Three of them, usually." John blinks. "There are no I-950's in this era."

"Phew,"  John said, relieved.

"But they can age like a human,"  Uncle Bob said. "And need to be given age enhancements to a certain point in their early life."

"Woah, they are superhuman," John said

"Yes," Uncle Bob said.

"So you are the parenting model," John said, with a snicker. "A assassin parenting model!"

"Not all T-800's are like that," Uncle Bob said.

"When they are reprogrammed; they are," John said, teasingly. "Or maybe for special circumstances they are like that; anyway!"

"We are programmed to have morals," Uncle Bob said.

"Oh yeah, morals, morals, morals," John said. "The ones that were specifically added to make you seem a 'little' human."

"Yes," Uncle Bob said.

"Do you feel scared at the slightest about father hood?" John asks.

"Yes," Uncle Bob said.

"What exactly are you scared about?" John asks.

"Not being there," Uncle Bob said.

"To be a dad," John said.

"No," Uncle Bob said. "Not being there to tell them why they look like a T-800."

John pictures another T-800 like person who isn't a Terminator.

"Wow," John said. "That is going to be weird."

"It is," Uncle  Bob said. "But perhaps I won't mind it seeing the child grow before my optics."

"You mean eyes," John said.

"Optics and eyes are the same," Uncle Bob said.

John sighs.

"Oh Bob," John said. "How often do you refer to eyes as optics when speaking to other people."

"All the time," Uncle Bob said.

"You still have a lot to learn," John said.

"About what?" Uncle Bob asks.

"The social norms of this day that haven't gotten into your CPU," John said.

Ring, ring, ring, went the radio.

"Cortana, answer the phone," Uncle Bob said.

The radio changes color and the song playing goes below being able to hear.

"Bob, where is the ketchup?" Hannah's voice radiates off.

"In the fridge door behind the Italian dressing," Uncle Bob said. "Beside the french dressing and the Jello."

"Congratulations,Hannah!" John said.

Hannah laughs.

"Hah!" Hannah said. "You brought a side kick!"

"No, I did not," Uncle  Bob said.

"I came for the sight seeing," John said. "I have a lot of pictures...I think we are in Tennessee?"

"Oklahoma," Uncle Bob said.

"Found it!" Hannah said. "Chow!"

The phone call on the radio ends.

"Where did you get that kind of expensive car?" John asks.

"I have helped a Anthropologist who works for the FBI and has sold numerous books," Uncle Bob said.

"OOooh, I haven't heard about that," John said.

"That was three days ago," Uncle Bob said.

A surprised look grew on John's face.

"Why?" John asks.

"There was a Terminator in the past who had disfigured most of the victims and hid them in tricky places," Uncle Bob said. "Recently new bodies were found beyond recognition so Agent Gibbons suggested me to a returning Anthropologist by the name Temperance Bones Brenann. I helped them find a Terminator sent to kill a different Resistant Fighter named Michael De'Williams. He was going through the phone book."

"Ah, so they used your expertise to find him," John said. "That is cool!"

"And terminate him,"  Uncle Bob said.

"Oh, so he is..." John said. "Dead."

"Yes," Uncle Bob said.

"I should have figured that," John said.

"And his remains are not able to be used as another source for Skynet's existence," Uncle Bob said.

"What does his body serve purpose now?" John asks.

"His body was melted down into this car," Uncle Bob said. "His CPU was destroyed by accident in acid."

"That was no accident," John said.

"That's the secret only we and the Jeffersonian know," Uncle Bob said, giving John a wink

Uncle Bob came to a drive in currently playing a movie that should be considerably not be replaying in this time of year. It is a movie that Uncle Bob can trust that John doesn't get blinded by, also for it's display of friendship that has deleted scene into it  between the captain and his android friend.  Data may not have been sophisticated as a T-800 but he is human in a sense. An Android that continuously learns and is more human than Uncle Bob is. Uncle Bob has a metal endoskeleton while Data does not.

"Oh, what is this?" John asks.

"Nemesis," Uncle Bob said, opening the car door. "You, stay."

"I am not a dog," John said.

"But you are beyond a doubt curious, John," Uncle Bob said. "I'll be back in a hour and enjoy the movie in that time."

"Aww," John said.

"You already went to the restroom an hour ago, John," Uncle  Bob said, taking out a big bag.

"Can I at least unbuckle?" John asks.

"Yes," Uncle Bob said.

Uncle Bob had detected a Terminator following.

So Uncle Bob decided to screw it and ditch the fella in a run down building just like he had done with the T-892. Uncle Bob walks away from the parked car with the strap over his shoulder. Our time goes forwards about an hour and thirty minutes later. Uncle Bob drops a cigar then crushes it uses his boots until not a burning flake remains. He smooths the cigar across the ground then walks out of the abandoned building's doorway.

The building blows up behind Uncle Bob.

Target: Terminated.

With such ease and badassery, Uncle Bob walks away from it.

Uncle Bob has a scar down the side of his face revealing his metal side to open view. Though Uncle Bob can take care of that using some medical supplies. By the time Uncle Bob had returned to the car, John's eyes were struck to the screen. John seemed to be half awake and half asleep. Uncle Bob puts the bag into the passenger seat then gets in the passenger seat and shuts the driver side door.

"What happened?" Uncle Bob asks.

"Sssh," John said. "Number 1 is fighting the Adviser."

Uncle Bob looks up to see the fictional Commander Riker going down a shaft.

"Well, he hasn't yet," Uncle Bob said.

John is staring at the screen completely entranced into the movie.

Forty some minutes later the film ends on a final note after Commander Riker had made the First Officer call Captain Picard by the name 'Jean Luc' and he realized Commander Riker had pulled his leg.  The final words of the movie rather resonated within the movie canon in Uncle Bob's utterly honest opinion in the franchise.

"Where no one has gone before," and then went the theme tune to the series along with a good view of the Enterprise going out of screen into space.

Uncle Bob looks over towards John.

"That was a long movie," John said, and then he fell on the seat.

John fell asleep on the seat using his arm as a pillow.

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