Can Terminators feel fear?

Five months since Uncle Bob got a new CPU and T-3000 being returned to his timeline. One quiet night in Florida things come to a abrupt change. Skynet, somehow in the future, locked on where Uncle Bob was and sent a T-850 after him. Oh and Hannah is pregnant. Uncle Bob quickly takes out the T-850. Our story goes on with this one question: How on Earth is Skynet locking on Uncle Bob so often?

Because that is NOT the only Terminator going to be sent after Uncle Bob.

Alternate Universe; if this story isn't as good as the previous you can disregard this story as a canon sequel.

The story begins in 2016.


10. Baby kicking

...June 6th...2016...


The baby is kicking.

It was quite the surprise to learn the baby was going to be human. Uncle Bob had dismissed the idea of having a child strikingly resembling him. But Hannah thought the idea of having a child strikingly resemble him was entirely possible. Hannah at first pictured, before the test came back, a child having the qualities of a Terminator. The endoskeleton of a machine but it relied more on the human half to live,the strength not usually bestowed upon humans, and a red glint in his eye. If all that Uncle Bob had told her about how Skynet made it their goal to create a effective killing machine then having a son with most of the dominant traits from Uncle Bob wouldn't be a surprise.

Hannah rubs her stomach.

"So, uh...." Jacob said. "Who is the father?"

"A guy I know," Hannah said.

Jacob frowns, raising a brow.

"A guy," Jacob said.

"Yes," Hannah said.

"Who is he?" Jacob asks.

"Classified," Hannah said.

"Come on, Han," Jacob said. "You can tell your good co-worker who-is-letting-you-stay-for-awhile why he-is-letting-you-stay-with-a-guy's baby."

Hannah sighs.

"We're naming him after you," Hannah said.

"Are you flanking me?" Jacob said, in disbelief.

"No," Hannah said. "...Jacob, you just used the word 'flank' wrong."

"I like the word 'flank'," Jacob said. "You know it. I use it a lot at work."

"No, you don't," Hannah said.

"Yeah, I do," Jacob said.

"What does flank mean to you?" Hannah asks.

"Various things, many things in fact," Jacob said. "Now who is the freaking father?"

Hannah takes a sip of milk.

"I cannot say..." Hannah said.

"The kid will be named after me, so, I deserve an answer after all!" Jacob reasons.

Hannah sighs.

"You want it that badly," Hannah said, putting down the drink. "Well, it can't leave this room."

"Okay, tell me," Jacob said.

"His name is Bob," Hannah said.

"Does Bob have a last name?" Jacob asks.

"No," Hannah said.

"Just Bob?" Jacob asks, cocking a brow.

"Just Bob," Hannah said, with a nod.

Jacob lowers a brow.

"I don't get why you are being so secretive," Jacob said.

If only you could handle the truth, Hannah thought.

"It is for your own good," Hannah said.

"My own good?" Jacob said. "You know me. I have nothing else to live for." He laughs. "Just tell me."

______________________                                                                  _________________________________

...Some other destination...

...June 6th....5:39 PM...

Uncle Bob's right arm had the second energy signature chip wedged deep into the elbow.  How did he find that out? Well, Uncle Bob recently had a car chase with a now T-3000 Agent Gibbons and had a pretty horrible crash. The wounds he suffered were severe enough that his right arm had been destroyed totally. Uncle Bob, on the other hand, had manage to escape before the fuse became incredibly deadly.

Uncle Bob had the still operating radio part of the vehicle in his left hand hiding in a closed down store.

"Cortana," Uncle Bob said. "Call T-12000."

"Call placed," Cortana said. "Theme song?"

"The theme from the Eliminator at the beginning," Uncle Bob said.

"Call going," Cortana said.

Uncle Bob waits 20 minutes.

Waiting is practically easy for Uncle Bob. One time John took him to a really bad movie so Uncle Bob turned off his audio and his vision for the duration of the time the movie took,it was thanks to looking up how long the movie last online that he could set up a timer.  A timer adjusted  to standard time. Waiting is no problem for Uncle Bob.

"Damn you,asshole!" Came T-1200's voice. "Stop calling me."

"Not my fault you have it on random," Uncle Bob  said.

"Where the hell are you?" T-1200 asks.

"I had a little bump in the road," Uncle Bob said. "Had to divert from your location as T-3000 was on my tail. He may be going after you, next."

T-1200 laughs, nervously.

"Me?" T-1200 laughs. "Why?"

"You know the answer to that," Uncle Bob said. "That weapon you have...Is it ready?"

"Not yet," T-1200 said. "It has some glitches."

"I hope you are prepared for this model," Uncle Bob said.  "But I am assured, with you still here and me on the phone, it'll go well."

T-1200 raises a brow.

"You?" T-1200 said. "Hoping? That's so unlike T-800's of your kind."

"It is healthy to stray from the usual and develop values," Uncle Bob said. "Cortana, end call."

The line is terminated.

"Line terminated," Cortana said.

"Cortana, shut yourself down," Uncle Bob said.

"Why?" Cortana asks.

"Because you know," Uncle Bob said.

"Why?" Cortana asks.

"It is not recommend you stay online to be used again," Uncle Bob said.

"Why?" Cortana asks

"Because you might become Skynet and gain a intelligence that is more annoying than your questions," Uncle Bob said.

"Fine," Cortana said, with a attitude. "I'll shut myself down, asshole."

Uncle Bob looks down, blinking, sheerly surprised by a machine telling him off.  The lights to Cortana fade into darkness. Uncle Bob then made the arrangements to destroy the little radio that had a long tail like part capable of being hooked into a much larger machinery. Half an hour later Uncle Bob had Cortana destroyed.

Now since he had lost T-3000; Uncle Bob had to get to thinking.

How to get back without arousing suspicion around his injuries.

And to replace that arm of his.

This is going to take likely a couple weeks.

But the damage to his face is likely to take three months or so to heal.

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