Colors // l.h

everything about me was blue, full of sadness. everything about him was red, burning with love and desire. then he touched me, I became a lilac color full of happiness but he decided that that shade of purple just wasn't for him.


1. Introduction



Do you know the feeling that you get like you're not standing on earth? the feeling that has you so up in the sky and making your stomach full of sparks and butterflies?


that feeling that you get when you're so attracted to someone and holding onto them that if you let go, you'll fall somewhere you won't be able to rise back from?


he gave me that feeling of overwhelming happiness, he made me feel special without even trying, he changed how I looked at a lot of things.


and I did appreciate that and held onto him but he let me fall again where I was at first when he decided that I wasn't the one for him.



.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

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