Colors // l.h

everything about me was blue, full of sadness. everything about him was red, burning with love and desire. then he touched me, I became a lilac color full of happiness but he decided that that shade of purple just wasn't for him.


4. 3. '' i see you enjoyed the bathroom concert''







I was exhausted. not only because it was so hot and crowded outside but because I was struggling to find a decent job, every place I go to is either fully-employed or wants specific people that  do specific things that apparently I can't do.


I was still unfamiliar with Sydney and the people I see around but they were all friendly and welcoming.

but also on the other hand, me and my roommates don't get along very well. Michael does try to be friendly and is very talkative that I actually put my headphones on to stop listening to whatever topic he was talking about but after all he's trying to be nice. although I'm pushing him away every time he talks to me, he's still nice.


Luke on the other hand is just ignoring my entire existence and quite frankly, I'm okay that way because personally I don't want someone to ask me about my past because I don't want to remember it.


I gave up searching for a job because I knew that I wouldn't find one anyway, at least for today so I started walking in the direction of my shared apartment.


when I got there, it as empty and silent and I sighed in relief that I won't be bothered by Michael's talking or by Luke's quite rude stare. I entered my bedroom and then I heard a sound coming from the bathroom from the end of hallway.


then followed by loud singing and I cringed. I sighed before going to check on whoever in the bathroom. when I was close to the bathroom I could hear the voice more clear, Luke was in there, singing 'I miss you' by Blink 182 and he actually sounded good, wow.


I started listening then he switched to singing 'Terrible things' by mayday parade and I started singing along quietly, this was one of my favorite songs.


the suddenly the water stopped running in the shower and the knob twisted and the door opened.


''well, I see you enjoyed my bathroom concert'' said a smirking Luke, dripping wet with a towel around his waist, I swallowed and looked up.


''uh...I'm sorry'' I mumbled quietly that I doubted he heard me.


''it's no problem but I might as well ask you if you liked the ''shower concert'''' he smirked bigger and I looked down.


''yeah it was good'' I mumbled again and he laughed softly making my cheeks burn red. I kept my gaze down as I walked back to my room, shutting the door behind me quickly. well that was awkward.





later that night, I was sitting in the living room, watching episodes of say yes to the dress when the front door opened and closed, Michael came in with three big sized pizza boxes.


''oh my god is that say yes to the dress?!'' he exclaimed, putting away the pizza boxes quickly before plopping down beside me on the couch ''ew, that dress is ew''


I laughed and shook my head ''you're so gay Michael''


he rolled his eyes at me before saying ''I'm bi darling, not gay'' I laughed again ''oh by the way, I got pizza!'' he exclaims before jumping to grab the boxes ''some of my and Luke's friends are coming over''



right then the bell rang and Michael went to open it, then came two tall boys probably my age and greeted Michael with hugs, one of them looked Asian and the other had dirty blonde curly hair. they were both wearing flannels but the dirty blond one was also wearing a bandana.


a few seconds later, Luke walked in the room and they all exchanged greeting while I sat on the couch, looking like an idiot I am.



''oh Michael! you got a girlfriend?'' the Asian guy said and Michael shook his head, pointing towards me.


''no this is our new roommate, Nina'' he mentioned my way and I smiled faintly. I couldn't stop looking at that guy with dirty blonde hair, he looked so attractive and his eyes were so captivating, I couldn't stop starring at him.

''she has matching hair like me guys, we're getting married!'' the boys laughed and I blushed when I felt Michael squeeze me into a huge bear hug.


''well, let's start eating the pizza!'' Michael exclaimed along with the others.


''you're going to join us right Nina?'' attractive guy said and I blushed before nodding.


this is going to be a long night.






I know I haven't updated in a long time, I had stuff to do, I'm sorry!

anyways, I hope  you liked the chapter! please like, comment and favorite.


love you all!


Nina xx

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