Colors // l.h

everything about me was blue, full of sadness. everything about him was red, burning with love and desire. then he touched me, I became a lilac color full of happiness but he decided that that shade of purple just wasn't for him.


3. 2.'' We're definitely getting married!''







it was 8 in the morning when my alarm woke me up, I looked around the room seeing that I was laying on my new bed, my suitcases surrounding me and clothes laying on my stomach, I guess I fell asleep while unpacking last night.

my room was cozy and cute, it had light purple walls and a big bed with extremely comfortable pillows. the windows still had no curtains because I was too lazy to put them last night. but I managed to hang all my posters on the wall because a room without posters isn't a room.


I let out a yawn and stretched my arms, reaching out for my favorite Blink 182 shirt that was laying on my stomach. I also put on black leggings as I heard voices out of my room, it was like someone was laughing and another one was yelling. I wore my flip flops and went outside the room which made the voices more clear.


''Michael! you can't come home everyday drunk!'' that voice was familiar, I think that was Luke. I heard a whine then Luke standing with a blue-haired guy matching mine appeared.


''good morning'' I smiled and waved a bit, looking at the blue haired guy, I guess this is Michael?


''oh my god! OH MY GOD'' Michael yelled, starring at me with wide eyes and an opened mouth. I looked at him confused then he jumped and picked some of my hair looking at it. ''we have the same hair! we're definitely getting married! '' he exclaimed and I cleared my throat.


''well, thank you?''


''oh my god, she's so cute Luke, where did you get her from?'' Michael asked, looking at Luke who was laughing uncontrollably. Michael looked like a little kid on a Christmas morning.


''she's our new roommate, Michael'' Luke managed to say between laughs. Michael's eyes widened again and suddenly I was wrapped in a huge teddy bear hug.


''welcome to our family, sorry for crashing your bones but that was a welcoming hug'' he laughed and I nodded with a smile. ''what is your name?''


''I'm Nina'' I smiled again but I felt uncomfortable, both of the boys were starring at me like I was a new technology and I cleared my throat. ''I'm going to make breakfast, do you need me to make you anything?'' I asked, hopping that would be a good excuse.


''Michael will take a shower until we make breakfast, I'll help you'' Luke offered and I nodded with a forced smile.''oh and nice shirt by the way'' he complimented and I mumbled a quite 'thank you'



''what do you want to make?'' I asked and he pretended to of something the it seemed like a light bulb went off on his head and his eyes sparkled.


''let's make some pancakes!'' he suddenly exclaims and I jump. I let out a low chuckle and head to the kitchen with Luke hot on my tail.



me and Luke started making the pancakes, leaving the kitchen to be a mess. Luke looked so cute being so excited about making the cakes and stuffing his face with syrup. and I seriously laughed a lot and that didn't happen for like 6 months ago, although Luke reminded me of someone, I could tell they didn't have the same personality at all.



Michael walked out of the bathroom in only boxers and I sighed. ''go put something on, she doesn't like to see guys shirtless'' Luke said and I glanced at him to see him smirking.


''uh, sorry but it really makes me uncomfortable'' I explained and Michael walked into his room, putting something on and coming out a few minutes later.


''so tell us about yourself'' Michael said, taking a seat beside me.


''there's nothing so interesting about me'' I shrugged, not really into the topic, I started eating when Michael spoke.


''where are you from?'' he asked.


''I'm from New York but I moved here because I had some problems back home'' I mumbled and stuffed my mouth with pancakes.


''what kind of problems?'' Luke joined in and I dropped my fork on my plate with a groan.


''can I just sit peacefully without being asked a ton of questions?'' I stormed into my room and let out a quite sob, I didn't really want to be rude but the memories just couldn't stop coming back.







hey! I hope you like the chapter and if you do, comment what you think and tell me if I need to change something. I like feedback!


love you all


Nina xx

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