Colors // l.h

everything about me was blue, full of sadness. everything about him was red, burning with love and desire. then he touched me, I became a lilac color full of happiness but he decided that that shade of purple just wasn't for him.


2. 1. ''Can you put on a shirt?''




I finally landed


the journey to Australia was tiring to say the least, besides the fact that I hated plan rides.

the hot Australian air hit me, and I cracked a smile. I felt fresh for some reason. maybe because i was somewhere new or because I'm finally starting all over again in a different place and with different people, hopefully for good.

the streets were busy as I stopped a taxi, i gave the driver the address and we started driving in the Sydney streets.


I looked out of the window and smiled again but because the city seemed beautiful, even though it was a bit crowded and i put a note in my head that I must explore it later.



paying the taxi driver and riding up the elevator to the 4th floor where my apartment was supposed to be, I rang the bell three times but nobody answered, i feared that my roommate was out or something.


i rang the bell again and this time i heard shuffling inside the house and then a yawn, followed by the door opening and there came a guy, shirtless with sweatpants hanging down his waist.


''excuse me, can i help you?'' he asked with a sleepy voice and i motioned with my eyes to the suitcases beside me.


''ah, I'm your new roommate, I messaged you 3 weeks ago before i got here, I'm Nina'' I smiled, even though it was forced. I wasn't really comfortable with him being shirtless so i tried my best to focus on his face instead.


''uh yeah, Hi Nina, sorry I didn't great you properly. i was sleeping'' he smiled but it came more like a cheeky smirk. ''come in'' he motioned for me to get inside and i nodded, he grabbed my suitcases and walked inside the apartment, it wasn't very small and not so big either and the furniture looked okay, except for the underwear laying all around the place.


''there's supposed to be another person yeah?'' i asked and he nodded, leading me in a long hallway where i concluded the rooms were located.


''yeah, Michael but he's currently out, he'll be back soon though'' then he pointed to a room with a white door ''this will be your room, and the two rooms over there are mine and Michaels, the bathroom is at the end of the hallway and the kitchen is out there.'' he pointed to every direction and i nodded.


''Thank you'' I mumbled, not sure if i do remember his name.


''I'm Luke, incase you don't remember'' it was like he could read my mind and I nodded. ''well, I'm going to leave you now to unpack and get settled because I'm going to sleep and when i wake up, we can get to know each other. do you want anything?'' he asked.


''yeah, just one more thing''




''can you just put on a shirt?''







sorry for the long wait but I was visiting my grandma, I hope you like the chapter and sorry if it's short, it will get longer by the time.


Nina xx

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