come home

have you ever waited for your dad or mom to come home from work? This is a true story about a girl Kylee who has never understood that her dad left yet she still sits today searching for any motion of her dad.


2. dont remind me

every year in middle I went on a camp.

a camp with my church an friends

yet each year had one day of saying

"if my dad walked in this room, I wouldn't recognize him."

and all three years that's the only sentence I hear.

because I cry for the remembrance of him.

does he? my dad. would he?

before he left I was about 8

I always wanted attention

I wanted to strt a relationship with my dad,

what did he do?


like a big memory kept inside

I forgot any memory of him. but that.

I hope your parents love you. and never leave you

because all the memory will get lost, or make those tears keep streaming.



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