come home

have you ever waited for your dad or mom to come home from work? This is a true story about a girl Kylee who has never understood that her dad left yet she still sits today searching for any motion of her dad.


1. love

My father looked out for me

hugged me

said he'd risk his life for me

gave me all I ever wanted

he showed me how to eat. walk. talk.

and said "I love you" every night


a strong word. It means ' a strong feeling and emotion.'

my counselor said "its not  verb, its an action."

its a word that's used once for a lifetime.

but by this moment, I wonder if my father is thinking about me.

because he said "love" the life-long word,

did he forget what he said?

or did he lie to me?

because he left me.

I waited for him like hatchi.

thinking he'll come back soon 

and I have waited seasons just like Haichi did.

just because I said " I love you too"

because I meant what I said.

but I don't know if I do anymore.

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