Princess Maeve has never set foot outside her palace. When a threat comes from the rebels forcing her and her families to another county and blend in with the farmers there she meets Ebony, a farmer's daughter who turns Maeve's life around and forces her to see that not all of life consists of dinner parties and daily foot massages.


1. Chapter 1

Alone. Thats the only way one could describe this feeling. The feeling of not having anyone to reach out and lend you  a hand. The feeling that no one will give you a shoulder to cry on. I choose to be alone. Anytime I let anyone get close to me I'm scared I will hurt them. So I keep them at bay. No best friend. No helping hand. No one.

Afriad. I am afriad of failing. Afriad of not living up to the expectations. Afraid of letting people get close to me. Fear helps me get through each day. The fear of being weak. Weakness is my worst enemy. Each day is a battle between weakness and me. I never lose. Since I am never weak.

Did you guess who I am yet? No? Well then I shall tell you. I am Meave. Hier to the throne of Frier. An eighteen year old girl engulfed in the shadows of her parents, the king and queen.Never to be seen for the true me. My country looks up to me. I have over one hundred servents at my beck and call. Yet I still feel alone.

I like to think. Thinking helps me get through life. When I was young and carefree I would go to to the palace gardens and lie there and think all day. What I would think about? That is a secret to be reveled another day.​​

A guard barges into the room and before I can scold him for not knocking I can see there is something worng. "Run" he gasps then falls to the floor. The knife in his back is now visible. Blood staining his uniform. I leap out of my chair and run to the secret tunnels made for the royal family in the case of an attack

As I run through the tunnels towards the safe room I curse the rebels. They want to end the monarchy. Their goal? Killing me.

I look back behind me to see if anyone had followed me. I was safe for now. I run straight ahead and stop when I get to  the safe room lever. I run inside the room and shut the door.

I survey the room. I see my parents, my little brother, some of the maids and cooks and a swarm of guards.

"May!" My brother Jared runs to me and gives me a hug. "We were so worried! Where were you!?"

Jared is one year younger than me. Sometimes I get mad at him for not being older and becoming hier. Instead I got stuck with the job of budget cuts and housing issues. But most of the time I love him for helping me get trough life.

Jared puts a blanket around my shoulders and takes me to one of the cots. I ask a maid to massage my aching feet. Running in heels is not an easy thing but thats one of the perks of being a princess.

For a while Jared and I talk about what happend. Soon I admit I am tired and ask him to tell mom and dad that I am okay. It took me only a few seconds until I falll asleep




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