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This was what he could see from his place sat perched upon his window ledge. His favourite part of the house. As He peered out through the lace, dust catching drapes, He could see the vacant road, the dead grass, the tall gate. Every night, this is what he could see from his window. His special window on the third floor. Never has he seen different. He hoped it would stay that way. But tonight, late Thursday evening, with the pounding rain running down the old window, for the first time ever. He saw a boy. Alone, unconscious and vulnerable. Laid out on the curb of the road. Almost as if he'd had been tossed away, unwanted. From what he could see from his window, the boy was young, quite tall with untidy messy curls stuck to the boys face. From his window he saw hope. He saw innocence. He saw his future.



3. Chapter 2- obsession

Harry's pov

As I make my way to the last class of the day, AP chemistry, with Zayn and Niall, I realise how fast this week has flown by. The little mishap that happened on Monday is well forgotten between me and the boys. Although, I still have a slight amount of guilt towards Naill. He's been extremely cautious around me this week, trying not to aggravate me. Bless him.

Zayn didn't push me for answers as to why I was like that on Monday, he knows better.

Walking through the classroom door I noticed the noise level decrease, a few hushed whispers here and there. Gosh, I was only late by 10 minuets. I didn't understand what all the fuss was about until I noticed all eyes focused to the back of the room. Slowly running a hand through my recently washed curls, I turned to walk to my seat. Oh, that's why people were staring.

Sat in my seat was a boy.

His head was down, hair messily flopping to the left side and the collar of his plaid shirt facing upwards. He seemed completely unaware off the confused stares.

I'm not the type to be polite. I don't try to make people feel comfortable, hell, I don't care about how other people feel apart from Zayn and Niall. I'm seen as intimidating, which is a good thing. It means people won't try to communicate with me. Rumours spread like wild fire in school, it's a bloody good job people can't tell the false rumours from the real ones. Many of my darkest secrets are floating around the halls of this school. And I'm not about to confirm any of them.

Back to the boy. I stride over to the front of MY desk. Hands on hips, as I tower over the quite scrawny lad. Becoming irritated, I fake a cough of annoyance, slamming a hand onto the desk in front of his face. He jumps up in a panic, bashing his knee on the desk in the process, with a horrified look on his face. I glare down at the boy, seeing him visibly gulping as his prominent adams apple bobbed up and down rapidly. To say he looked nervous was an understatement, he was practically shitting himself.

I smirk at the thought.

I lower my face close to his. I can tell he's frightened. The way his eyes try to divert away from my direct eye contact, small beads of sweat were glistening on his forehead. He wasn't that bad looking, I noticed. He takes in my appearance from head to toe. His eyes lingering on my tattoos and piercings, then traveling the the black Beanie rested upon my curls. Before he can continue to analyse every aspect of my body, I get his attention, grabbing his collar and slightly raising his head from the table.

"Like what you see, babe." I whispered in his ear. I feel him visibly shiver. This is my best method in intimidating people, as I'm considering quite good looking and sexy (which I don't quite understand myself) I can easily distract people. They should be clever and realise I don't actually care.

"I-um, c-can I help you?" He squeaked out in a barely audible response.

At this point every one has there eyes upon the scene playing out at the back of the class, even the teacher. I can see she wants to stop this, but she doesn't want to get in the way of me. I sneak a quick glance to Niall and Zayn. They're both pulling sorrowful glances to the boy. That makes me mad. They shouldn't feel sorry for him.

"Ha, can you help me? That's quite a funny joke pal-" I say tightening the grip on his shirt "I don't need help" I snarled through gritted teeth.

"What I need, is for you to tell me why you think you have the goddamn right to sit in my place by the window?" I spat.

He slowly starts shake. I loosen my grip. Can't be too harsh now, can I?


"I'm sorry" a small whisper echoes from his mouth.

"Tell me, kid, do you know who I am?"

He nods his head, "You're Harry styles"

"So, you know I'm Harry styles. Therefore you probably here all those juicy little rumours about me, correct?-" he nods a little. "You also heard from others I have an "obsession" with windows, as some people decide to say, am I also correct on this?" Another nod. "Yet you still sat in my seat, silly silly boy. It's a shame too, since your rather good looking." He attempts to hid his blush, I caught his chin in my hand. I look straight in his eyes, now face to face.

"Get up" I say with no emotion not moving from the position I'm in. He looks at me blankly, this boy has nerves.

"Don't let me repeat it, babe" I say with a slight tinge of annoyance. Still whispering in his right ear.

He scrambles up, gathering his things, knocking his pencils from the desk whilst doing so. I point to an empty desk two rows infront, with a stone cold face. He nods, however, before sitting back down I yank him into my chest, Earning a squeal.

"What's your name, pretty boy?" I ask.

"S-stan" he says with a slight stutter. Stan, cool name. He seems different, the way he holds himself or the way he constantly fidgets. He's hiding something.

I don't say a word as I let him go and saunter back to MY desk by the window. I glance round noticing people giving Stan sympathetic looks. Then I look at Zayn who's staring back at me with a disappointed look, at that I roll my eyes.

I sink back in my chair, gazing out the window looking at the edge of the forest. Stan. So many things are strange about him , I can't figure out what though. I will, soon. I was dragged out of my thoughts by the obnoxious chime of my phone. Sighing frustratedly, I pull the device out from the front pocket of my tight, black skinny jeans.

I look at the contact name. A sigh erupts from my mouth.

From - Zaynie

Bro, that was uncalled for. Before u cam in like a mad man, me n Ni was 'avin a chat with Stan, he's pretty cool. He invited the three of us to go ta a welcome party tomorrow. Think bout it yeah? Let me know if ur gunna com n text me.

Oh, fantastic. An opportunity to see what pretty boy is hiding, can't miss out on that.

I flip down the key bored on my retro piece of crap.

To- Zaynie

Your just across the room you lazy ass potato. But yeah, why not, text me the details later babe.

See, I do have a cheeky Side, only with Zaynie and Ni.

With that, I locked my phone and continued to peer out of the window. I'm going to find out what that boy is hiding. I placed my forehead on the glass, not giving a shit what the teacher was saying and continuing to put all my focus on that mysterious evergreen forest directly ahead.


A/n so, I bet you all thought it was Louis. Just wait, stans "secret" evolves Louis. Also the evergreen forest? Yeah, remember that.

Anyway like I said there's probably going to be so manny errors and mistakes since I'm more into reading than writing but oh well

Enjoy! - Emily.

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