Paranormal Worlds

Some of us are good,
Most of us are bad,
Half of us are misunderstood,
And when we leave, you'll be glad.


1. 1. Kari

People have often told me death is a slow and painful process.  Sometimes, people can live a whole lifetime and have it end because of cancer or some other disease.  Sometimes, people hate others and pressure them into suicide, or the haters commit atrocious deeds that result in death.

            My name is Hikari.  It would likely be easier if you call me Kari.

            I died shortly after I got my driver’s license.  I didn’t even tell my mom that I loved her.  I didn’t get the chance to hug my friends.

            I was the cute one when I was still living.  I was often the nice one to the nerds and the new kids.  I was friends with a few popular girls in my class.

            It was a late night, the night I died.  I was just getting out of rehearsal for the drama club.  The night was cold, as it usually was around the middle of September, and I was tired.

            I had the leading female role, and she had to be one of the bravest ones I’ve had the pleasure of portraying.  She definitely didn’t need a hero to save her.  She was the queen of her kingdom with no king and was about to go to war.

            I was an actress when I was still alive.  I was one of the best in my class and I was contemplating my career options with my acting.  I wanted a BA in Theater because of how fun it sounded.  No essays to write, and no exam.  Just playwriting.  And acting.  And learning the ropes of backstage stuff.  I loved the stage.

            I don’t remember much about the accident, because it was so fast.  All I really remember was the flash of headlights coming my way in my lane and the sound of a horn.  Then, the pain flared up and then it was gone.

            And like that, I ended up sitting on a park bench in a foggy park.

            I was considered the lucky one by the people I once called my friends and family.  The good girl met with a quick and painless death.

            Hikari is Japanese for light.  When I was sitting on that bench, I had no idea I was surrounded by light.

            “Hikari,” a voice called to me.

            I turned to look to see a boy no older than ten with curly golden locks, beautiful bright blue eyes, and robes as white as snow with wings to match.

            “I go by Kari, if you don’t mind.  May I ask your name?” I replied.

            “Kari, huh?  Suits you.  My name is Joshua,” the boy angel answered.  “And I’m here to guide you through your afterlife.”

            “A guide?  Like, a guardian angel?”

            Joshua laughed and it sounded like bells chiming.  “I’m too small to be a guardian angel, Kari!  I’m more like a welcoming committee.”

            “Joshua, could I call you Josh?”  I raised an eyebrow.  I was curious to see how he would react.

            “Of course,” he giggled.  “Are you really like this when you meet new people, or is it something new that came along with death?”

            “Being curious?  It’s always been a thing, but my friends hated it.  It’s how I got along with people that weren’t popular.”

            “I see.”  Josh ran a hand through his golden hair as he stopped smirking.  “The thing is, you’re kinda stuck here.  In Limbo.”

            “In Limbo?  Why?”

            “You haven’t done anything good or anything bad in your life.  It’s a pattern most are taking now.”

            I quirked an eyebrow.  “Seriously?  I’m just like everyone else?”

            “But, you might like this news: You’re going back to guide souls back here!”  He smiled.  “The healthy and the living can’t see you.  So, your friends and family won’t see you for a while, yet.”

            “Wait a min-”

            “No time to lose.”  He shoved be to the park gate, and he saluted me.  “Take care out there.”


            He pushed me out of the foggy playground and onto a clear street.

            I sighed.  Now what was I gonna do?

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