Based on a true story...

(My relationship :D)


1. The day it began.

It was a normal day at school. I was currently 13 and was the youngest in the year. Everything seemed normal, getting through lessons per usual until it was English class. We took a trip to the local library which was almost as if it was connected to the school. When we got there we could talk, read a book or just relax after all the work we've done. I saw that my best friend was setting up a game of Cluedo with a couple TA's (Teaching assistants) and a few of my classmates. I decided to join them and made friends with a girl who recently moved schools over to this one. We began playing, even if Cluedo isn't really one of my favourite subjects.

"Not soon after we began our game, the teacher decided to reward the class with a small pick and mix style bag of sweets for each student. I was sat next to the girl and heard her say that she couldn't have some of the sweets as they were too high in "E numbers" which would make her hyper so I decided that we should swap the ones that she couldn't have with me and I'd give the ones she could have to her. Soon enough we had to go back to the school so I was helping pack up the game with the girl I met whilst everyone else left except my best friend and a TA. After the game was packed away we headed back to the school and was talking on the way I even remember telling a joke about how she threatened to use a medical kit as a weapon as she was given it by the TA and joked around about how she's armed and dangerous.

Not long after we soon began talking over the school e-mail as we had no other way of communicating after school because I didn't know if she had any form of social media.


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