Based on a true story...

(My relationship :D)


3. The "Actual" Day it began

The next day I got into the school canteen and sat next to the girl with my friends and asked about the email and she said yes!! I would've done something to show my happiness but I didn't want to make myself look like an idiot. We then spent even more time talking to eachother in lessons and shown our affections toward eachother like going on dates to the cinema or just visiting each other's houses.

However with a beautiful relationship, there comes problems and these particular problems weren't the average argument. I don't think we've ever actually had an argument....ever. But the problem was where the relationship was forged, a community college school. Soon enough people started asking questions; "Have you kissed yet?" "Have you been round eachothers houses yet? and an other stupid question which I don't want to write down.

Despite this harassment we continued with our relationship and powered on strongly despite all the people judging us. See, My girlfriend isn't the type of people they'd like. Geeky, shy and smart which was perfect for me but they though she laughed and expressed herself "differently" to other people and there's nothing wrong with that. Despite my best efforts these people "got to me" and unfortunately on one occasion I got worked up and attacked one of them. I'm not explaining how, I'm not explaining why but I did and I soon saw the consequences as dread and regret began to plague my mind and made we worry about how this is going to affect my time at the school.



And I was right to be worried.

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