Based on a true story...

(My relationship :D)


2. Remember, Remember the 27th of November...

After being good friends for a while now, I pondered at the fact if we should be in a relationship and was thinking of what to say...well over email. It was November and school was going great. Having a good time with my friends and going home to the paradise that is a bag of bacon rashers from the local newsagent's and my laptop on YouTube where I watched some of my favourite YouTubers known as PewDiePie and Markiplier.

The next couple of days I decided to go through with it and whenever I met with the girl at school, I couldn't help but smile. And a couple days after, after school, I decided to email her the question;

Hi I was wondering if maybe we could be BF and GF because I really like you and you're a great girl. Even Miss Symons think we look cute together lol. Anyway, if you need time to think about it than that's ok.

I put my name and a less than 3 symbolising a heart and built up courage to send it to her. Not long after I sent it to her, I received an email from her saying that she'd think about it with ;) next to it. As soon as I got the email my mind was overcome with joy. The girl, who I had feelings for, sent a ;) on the response! Surely this could have been a good sign.

Once I was called down for tea I couldn't help but laugh to myself at how lucky I could possibly be. Soon enough my mum noticed and asked what i was laughing about so I lied and said it was something I saw on a YouTube video.

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