Broken Time

Bea Beckham is a fifteen year old kid that, suddenly gets thrown into a world not like her own. The beautiful but infuriating seventeen year old Detective Alex Camden becomes her partner, he has no problem pointing out Beas' flaws. Alex and Bea take a case to go into the past to stop someone before they change the present.


3. Chapter Two




                                                                            Chapter Two
I hear a sudden whirring sound, I listen to it some more and try to place it. Why the heck would there be a whirring sound in my room? Suddenly all of this afternoons events come to me. With my eyes half opened I turn my head. Alex shifts his body, then suddenly looks at me, I just make it in time to glance away, with my eyes closed.
Alex unexpectedly grins a little and starts talking with the smooth British accent he had before, “I do know you are awake, you can’t really hide anything from me now”. I look back at him startled to know that he saw my movement, then fully take in his words.
“What do you mean ‘now’?” I ask with an inquisitive voice. Alex looks out the window not answering, his smile gone now. I continue to stare at him with penetrating eyes, wondering if he’s going to answer me anytime soon. He glances back at me and rolls his eyes. He turns his face back to the road.
“Now that our contract is active,” he starts to say with a know-it-all voice, “I can tell if you’re awake, or tired, but it’s more like I’m aware of you more than the rest of the world. I can’t read your mind, though I can send you thoughts, like if you or I were in danger we would be able to tell the other person, but that’s it,” he finishes and then his expression shuts down, leaving me with more questions than answers. I put on my shoes to fill the silence, thinking.

“Where are we?” I ask with a probing voice, because from what it looks like we are in the middle of nowhere. I look at Alex so he knows that I’m listening, but he just ignores me and keeps looking forward. “I asked you a question,” I say and glare at him. Alex gives an exasperated sigh and pulls a displeased face at the road.
“You never stop asking questions, huh? I do not like when you ask questions, it’s very aggravating. You should start practicing looking like a proper young lady and shutting up!” he says his voice lowering to a growl, but still perfectly smooth.
I flinch from his tone of voice and choice of words. He looks at me and then looks away as if I was the one who hurt him and yelled. He gives a weary sigh as if he’s tired of the world. I study him out of the corner of my eyes and see that he’s working his jaw in silent anger. I feel my eyes tear up involuntarily, and wipe away my tears silently and swiftly, so that Alex doesn’t see them, but I think he does, because he said that our contract connected us. I stop tearing up, but still feel a lump in my throat.
What did I ever do to make him hate me so much? I did nothing! He was the one that made me his partner, and I didn’t even want him to do that. Alex turns and pulls into a gas station and cuts the engine. I hear him shift in his seat towards me, and feel his stare on my face. I stare harder out the window, so he doesn’t see me, I won’t give him the satisfaction of winning. I look out of the corner of my eye and see that he’s trying to look for something to say, but then he turns away. I turn in my seat, and look a little to see what Alex is doing, but then in a split second Alex is staring at me with his captivating dark green eyes. I go to pull my goggles over my eyes, but just as swiftly Alex had grabbed my wrist, the one with the tattoo, and kissed it, while staring into my eyes. Of course I blushed, I mean who wouldn’t?
“Look into the mirror, you’ll be able to see your eyes from there,” Alex says still staring at me with heated intensity. I glance into the side mirror and see that both of my eyes are teal blue. I gasp, so used to seeing my different eye colors. I turn and look at Alex, befuddled. By the time I had looked into the mirror and the time I looked at him he had gained his composure and confidence. Alex winks.
“Although I do like how your eyes are different colors, I know you don’t, because you keep putting those stupid twentieth century goggles on. I like it much better when I can see your face” Alex says all in one smooth sentence.
Alex grabs the keys and get out of the car and then walks over to my door and opens it like a proper gentleman. I get out of the car and Alex closes it behind me, and we start to walk toward the gas stations front doors. Alex opens one of the doors and waits for me to walk through the doors when I do, I get a whiff of his cologne, which still smells great, I walk quickly, so that Alex doesn’t see my face, which is blushing at the moment. I look up just as I bump into a wall, and grab on it, just as the wall grabs my waist. I look up into concerned stormy gray eyes. This is no wall, it is a man, and a beautiful one at that. I quickly try to get out of the strangers arms, but fail horribly.
“Um, I’m sorry that I walked into you, but if you’ll excuse me and let me go . . . please,” I say slowly, wondering where Alex is. I look back up at the tall person, and see that it’s a man with blond locks that is swept up in a beautiful fashion, but not so beautiful, that he looks like a girl. My eyes travel over his face and see that he has a beautiful long nose that doesn’t stick out to much, but just right.
My eyes finally finds his mouth that is turned up at the corners, making dimples appear in his cheeks. He leans down, his face coming closer to mine by the second. I try to turn, but his mesmerizing eyes keep me in place.
 I feel a hand grab my arm roughly, and pull me back, the spell broken. Alex pulls me into him and I stare at him in confusion, my mind a mess.
“You are not allowed to kiss my partner, Hayden! The next time you even try do it, I will chop you into little pieces!” Alex says furiously, squeezing me to him with every word he nearly shouts. The blonde stranger grins and puts on a fake, innocent face.
“Why ever does it matter to you my dear friend? The little lady, I suppose, can speak for herself, and aren’t you and Roselle, what do kids call it these days?” Hayden pretends to think and then snaps his fingers like he suddenly remembered something, “An Item? A couple? A thing? Please choose whichever phrase to your liking, it’s all the same,” Hayden sneers, which contorts his face into something lion-like.
“Alex, I can’t breathe! Let go now!” I shout, my face red from getting the life squeezed out of me and Alex then stops squeezing me, but doesn’t let go. I feel Alex’s chest rise with the effort of calming down. Alex whirls me around to him and I give a little shake of my head because that made me dizzy.
“I’m going to put my hands over your ears, now be a good little girl and stay silent, alright?” Alex says like he’s talking to his five-year-old sister, which irritates me for some reason. I scowl at him and he gives a surprised laugh.
“You can’t silence me!” I say, or at least try to say because by the time I said ‘You’ he crushed me to him, covering my ears. I wriggle as hard as I can, but fail to leave his firm arms. I feel Alex’s body vibrate while he talks. I try to look up at Alex, but I’m stuck in his hard chest.
Alex suddenly lets go of me and my hearing suddenly comes back to me. I glare at Alex, because I mean why the heck would you do that? I mean, come on! I’m not a baby, I could take whatever they said. I start to blush, just realizing that Alex had pressed me into his well-toned chest, so I stare at everywhere, but him, noticing that Hayden is gone.
“Hayden said he can give us food, lodgings, and transportation, for the night,  he hates me so much because his high school crush is in love with me, her names’ Roselle,” Alex says with a rueful grin. I stare at him and then give a shake of my own head.
“Do you like her?” I ask him without thinking, “I mean it’s not very nice to either them if you don’t accept or reject her properly,” I say like a know-it-all and then raise my eyebrows in question. Trying to hide my curiosity. Alex gives a frustrated sigh. What he’s mad about, I don’t know.
“They both know I don’t like her that, she’s more like a, I don’t know!” Alex gives a shake of his head, “She’s someone you don’t stay with, because even if she says she’s in love with you, she would be cheating, but she wouldn’t do it behind your back, she would tell you. Hell, she would even do it in your own bed, she’s just not someone you can love easily,” Alex glances at me after he finishes his speech.
“Well, I guess that’s a good explanation,” I say and take a look around, “How come there’s no one here? I mean we’ve been here for like five minutes,” I look at Alex with a questioning look and he frowns.
“Well, usually only people with their partner tattoos and people of the main family can see this place, hence why you see it, but there are exceptions,” Alex says and glance at the counter, waiting for Hayden I guess.
“Like what?” I ask and Alex gives me an annoyed glance.
“And the questions are back! I don’t really have any examples at the moment, but not a lot of people come by this place, so they don’t get a lot of service. Hayden comes from one of the branch families called Coachella, they help and guide the members of the Famiglia, which is Italian for family, no more questions! Just stay quiet until we reach the site, kay?” Alex gives a menacing glare, which makes me flinch on the inside, but of course I don’t, I don’t want to show Alex my weak side, He’s not going to win, I am!
Hayden comes in through a door behind the counter and then comes towards us, smiling at me. Alex is still scowling by the time Hayden gets to us. I frown, creasing my eyebrow.
“Well, don’t you young adolescents look happy? I just got Rusty’ Ol Joe and put the young lady’s bags in him,” Hayden looks proud of putting my bags in this thing called Joe, “And you young people can stay in the apartments upstairs, I’ll be gone tonight and tomorrow. You’ll both have the room to yourselves and, um let me see,” Hayden ponders a moment searching for what he was going to say.
“Oh! I remember, you can take whatever’s down here, remember to leave by tomorrow and don’t forget anything and also,” this is where Hayden give Alex a pointed stare, he then turns to me with a smile, “Don’t do anything bad, you are only fifteen, which means if you have to, only kisses on the cheek,” Hayden ends teasingly and winks while I blush furiously, not knowing why. I don’t even like Alex.
I look at Alex, just to catch him rolling his eyes. Alex throws Hayden the keys of our car and Hayden does the same, while my mouth drops open. He is not giving away the Hypersport, is he? Nope, no way he would do that.
“Why, why did you do that? I mean unless Hayden’s driving the Hypersport I really don’t see why you would, y’know be throwing around keys that belong to a 3.4 million Lykan Hypersport! Well, unless you’re doing a new dance or something, but you still shouldn’t toss the keys like that,” I say still denying any transaction that has anything to do with the Lykan Hypersport.
“I don’t think I could dance with someone like Alex,” Hayden appearing amused, “but, no, as amusing as that does seem, I will have to refrain from doing that. I will have one of my men take the car, along a, perhaps the phrase is a ‘different route’, and drive it to The Company’s parking garage”.
Alex sighs and rolls his eyes again.
“We will be going in a rusty, old pick-up so if anyone had followed us, they won’t be anymore, no more questions, follow Hayden,” Alex says in a commanding voice, seeing my hesitation he says louder, “Go, Now!”
Hayden and I jump in unison. Hayden decides to take Alex’s advice and motions for me to follow him through the counter door. I do and walk with an angry pace, I mean what the hell did I do to him, for him to yell at me like that? Hayden goes through the gas stations back door, but not before he turns on the light for the back porch. We go down the porch stairs, well Hayden goes down them while I trip over gravity. Before I can even blink Hayden is right there to catch me, Hayden gives me a slight smile, his earlier teasing act comes back a little.
“Well, we won’t have to wait for the enemies to attack, if you’re already doing their work, do be careful, Cher,” he says playfully and winks. I blush furiously, noting in my head not to act so clumsily around Hayden ever again. He lets go of my hand and leads me to the gravel, where the beautiful Lykan Hypersport is parked. I shiver, I hadn’t noticed that it had gotten so late and cold.
“Get your stuff and say your goodbyes to the beauty, then I shall show you to your room, yeah?” I stare sadly at the car and Hayden gives me the keys, while I walk to the car and unlock my side. I open the door and sigh. I sit in the passenger seat, close the door and close my eyes to picture, all that had happened today.
My life’s a mess and it always has been. Just think, this morning I had gotten in trouble with my principal and then met Alex, quite a character I’d say, mysterious and angry at the world, I suppose. Hard to understand, and Hayden a teasing man, that’s supposed to be a protector over people who work for ‘The Company’, and then there’s a woman named Roselle, supposedly Hayden’s high school crush, a cheater, a heartbreaker, and a girl who ‘likes’ Alex. Someone knocks on the window and I jump so high my head hits the ceiling and my arm hits the window, breaking me out of my reverie. I look out the window and see Hayden. I open my door again, with a grunt.
“Said my goodbyes, thanks, y’know for helping and all. I really appreciate it,” I say and smile.
“So the girl does smile,” he smiles as well and pats my cheek, while I reluctantly hand over the Lykan Hypersport’s beautiful keys and sigh again. Hayden takes one of the long pieces of my hair and kisses it and then bows like a proper gentleman and I grin.
“Until we meet again, Cher,” Hayden says and then winks, and then finally he gets in the drivers’ seat and drives off, while I start to walk back to the gas station, thinking.

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