Broken Time

Bea Beckham is a fifteen year old kid that, suddenly gets thrown into a world not like her own. The beautiful but infuriating seventeen year old Detective Alex Camden becomes her partner, he has no problem pointing out Beas' flaws. Alex and Bea take a case to go into the past to stop someone before they change the present.


2. Chapter One

                                                         Chapter One
I hear the clicking of boots down the corridor, click, click. The shoes come to a sudden stop. I strain my ears to listen to see where the person with loud shoes are. I breathe a sigh, annoyed that I can’t tell where the shoes went.
“Are you listening? I can’t believe it, you’re not even paying attention!” I look up to see my principal, Ms. Shade giving an aggravated sigh. I look to see that Ms. Shade is wearing a pencil skirt, like she does every Thursday. Her hairs a mess, probably because she runs her hands through her hair a lot. Ms. Shades’ makeup seems to be smeared, fifty-fifty chance of her rubbing her face every time she sighs I think, just as she does it. Ms. Shade rolls her eyes. I try not to get exasperated myself. It’s not my fault those loud shoes stole my attention for a millisecond.
“You don’t do your homework, you’re barely passing any of your classes, because you don’t attend them! What are we going to do with you?” she says her voice shrill, drilling into my brain, making my headache into a mega one.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care, but you’re going to tell me anywise aren’t you?” I say drily. Ms. Shade throws her hands in the air. Then she unexpectedly walks towards me and grabs my chairs’ arms, her hands clenching till they turn white. “You used to be such a good child!” Ms. Shade suddenly says with vehement eyes, “I know you’re smart, when we tested you, you were perspicacious than, most likely, everybody in this school and you’re just a freshmen,” Ms. Shade says, then bites her lip out of concentration.  Ms. Shade lets go of my arm chair and returns to her own chair behind her immense desk.
I hear a sound behind me, but don’t turn around. Clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk, I turn and look down and see black lace up boots, that I think are called LUGZ. Why would this person need water resistant shoes? Maybe this person just likes the look of these boots, they are pretty cool. I break out of thought to see the strangers’ shoes walk toward Ms. Shades’ and her humongous desk. I chance a look at the strangers’ pants, but can’t see them because the strangers black trench coat is hiding them. I tune into the strangers’ and Ms. Shades’ conversation.
“So can you do it? Be her partner I mean, she’s very intelligent for her age, so intelligent that she’s’ already smarter them most of the teachers, so what do you say?” Ms. Shade says with a probing voice. I still don’t look up.
“She’s just a child, I don’t think brats should be investigating serious situations, if you know what I mean,” the stranger says sardonically in a voice that sounds accented and smooth. I look up quickly to see the strangers face, but he’s turned toward Ms. Shade, so I can only see his dark, wavy, russet colored hair, quite beautiful and thick actually.
“Can I leave now? Since you’re talking to this guy I mean,” I say impatiently and start bouncing my leg up and down. The second I spoke the stranger had turned and swiftly, gave me an once-over. I know I look like a wreck, since I stayed up all night trying to clear one of my favorite games.
 My  chestnut colored waist-length hair is put up in a messy bun with two chopsticks holding most of it together, the rest of my hair is pinned down with the magic of bobby pins, then there’s two pieces of my waist-length hair  which frame my small heart shaped face. I brush away the hair from my face and try not to squirm under his hard stare.                                           
My doe like eyes, one teal blue eye and one dark electric green eye, try to stare evenly back at the chiseled stranger, but I probably just look like a kid trying to be a grown-up. My nose wrinkles in distaste it’s small and petite just like my body. My lips are almost red and are very full looking, furrowing into a frown at the moment. I put my scientist goggles over my eyes, hoping he didn’t see my eyes. Most girls are tan, and pretty, but I’m porcelain just like those glass dolls that everybody hates. I look down quickly, knowing he’s still observing me, seeing that I’m wearing an oversized brown knit sweater that goes to my thighs and black tights with black laced up combat boots.
The stranger turns away sharply to face Ms. Shade. “Well, she is beautiful, if she doesn’t frown like she’s doing now, then I think it might help investigating the suspects,” the stranger says reluctantly. “Wait, are you discussing me?” I say in a disbelieving voice.
 “I thought you said she was smart,” he says with a rude sneer, “She just sounds inept to me,” he says contemptuously. Ms. Shade snorts, while I try to get ahold of my anger. “Whatever, can I go now?” I say crossly. Ms. Shade gives a little shake of her head, revealing gray hairs that weren’t there before in her bright red hair. “You will be Alex Camden’s,” she motions toward the stranger before continuing, “Partner since you don’t want to be in school, you will obtain enough school hours working night and day with him, following whatever instructions his boss gives you,” she says and stands up, grabs her jacket and then turns to me while trying to put her jacket on. “You will be leaving with him, and then you will go to where they house their organization.  You will be going back to your house to grab your necessities and then leaving with Alex, have fun”, she says hurriedly like she can’t wait to get out of her office.
I stand up swiftly, blocking her way. “Wait,” I say heatedly, “You can’t make me work day and night, there are child labor laws, and I’m fifteen!” I say trying to make a way out of this situation.
“Yeah that’s true, but that doesn’t apply to this particular kind of job,” Alex says in a denigrating tone. I sit back down and glower up at him. Ms. Shade walks out of the door and our eyes follow her, both of us wishing to leave. Alex grunts, then shoves a slender but toned hand that, in my opinion was made by the gods, in his hair.
“Names’ Alex Camden, in case you weren’t listening, and you will be my partner until either my boss or I say so. You will listen to my bosses’ orders without question, got it?” Alex says scathingly, his accent changing into a more southern manner.
“I don’t have to listen to what you say, you’re not my boss.” I say with a fervent voice, “And by the way, my name’s Bea Beckham, so I don’t want to be called by anything else, got it?” I say and huff a breath. He looks at me with his beautiful, but infuriating deep, dark, forest eyes, that seem to change colors in the light.
 My eyes follow down his angular jawline, and come across his beautiful lips, that are now piercing at me. He takes two, giant, swift steps towards me, and comes towards my face, real close and personal, and the second person to do that to me today. I smell his aftershave and minty breath as he speaks breathily. “The moment I walked in here, and decided you would be my partner was the moment you signed your freedom to us, and besides,” he says as he snatches my wrist, pulls up my sleeves, bends over, and gently presses a kiss to my inner wrist. “You have to see me every day or you’ll die since I kissed your wrist,” he says and smiles derisively. Suddenly a red hot pain seizes my wrist and then words as if a tattoo appear, “finché morte ci separi” I try not to cry out until the markings disappear. Alex thrusts his hand in my direction, I give him a look. “What? What do you want me to do?” I say vexed. “You must do the same otherwise your hand will continue to throb, you’ll get sick and most likely, die”, he says in an unsympathetic voice. I give him a dirty look as he raises an infuriating, beautiful eyebrow. I give him a darker look, then grab his toned, but slender arm, roughly. I then give a ghost of a kiss on his wrist, trying not to blush, but then remember the circumstance and grimace, as I let go of his wrist. “What does it say?” I ask feeling the text. He gets really close again, to where I can feel his breath on my face, he then proceeds to stare at me with soft, but haunted eyes. He moves forward and I feel his lips brush my face, until finally he arrives at my ear, “Until death do us part,” he whispers captivatingly, moves back to look me in the eyes and then gives a whisper of a smile, finally he stands up to his full height.
“Wait a minute, that kind of sounds like we’re, you know, married, or something like that,” I say trying not to stutter at of disbelief. Alex looks down at me again, then stares at me intently. His hand suddenly whooshes down to my face and he grabs my scientist goggles and puts them on top of my head. “I like it better when I can see your face,” he says then turns away quickly.
 “You didn’t answer my question,” I say stating the obvious. “I didn’t think I needed to,” Alex glares and then reluctantly says, “My boss will explain when we get there, you’ll be able to ask him all of your annoying questions.” He bends down to and scoops my MCR backpack up and starts walking towards the door in long strides. I stand up quickly and almost trip over myself. I look over towards Alex to find that he’s looking at me with an irked expression. I walk quickly towards the door and then he resumes walking. I look around as we walk toward the schools exit and note that the principal’s office has carpet while the rest of the school has cement floors. Click, click, click, click, I look at Alex’s shoes and see that they’re the same ones from earlier. I look up just as Alex opens the door for me, I go under his arm so I can go out, and suddenly get a whiff of his cologne that smells heavenly, but of course I’ll never admit that.
I go down the stairs and then turn towards Alex to ask him something, but bump into him instead. Alex looks down at me in an irritated way. “What, why did you stop? If you’re going to ask me which car we’re going in, it’s that one,” he says in an aggravated voice and then points at a black Lykan Hypersport, when I see this car my jaw practically drops down to my feet. I turn to look at him in disbelief. “That can’t be your car,” I say still shocked at the sight of the car, “That’s a Lykan Hypersport! Its 3.4 million dollars, not to mention W Motors only made seven of those,” I say all in one breath.
“Thanks for the unneeded history lesson,” Alex says sarcastically, then goes onto explain, “The reason I have that car is because the company pays us a lot,” he says with an exasperated voice and I give him a look. He continues on, “You know, with the whole life and death thing we get billions of dollars” he says like that explains everything. I look at him with a puzzled expression. “What life and death thing?” I ask, but Alex just continues on like he never heard me, “And when we reach the limit of our contracts then we either renew it or, get along with our lives, everybody in the company is at least a millionaire, but most of us are billionaires and counting,” Alex says and then gives a condescending smile and walks towards his car, opens the passenger door, and throws my backpack in. He waves a hand toward the seat, motioning for me to get inside and I do. He closes the door softly and walks to his side and gets in. “Put on your seatbelt, I don’t want my partner dying so quickly,” he says with a stern expression and then waits to hear my seat belt click when it does, he then proceeds to do the same. He starts the engine and puts the controls in gear and rolls the car out of the parking lot. He turns the radio on and Miserable At Best by Mayday parade comes on and he turns it up, leaving no room for conversation. I turn to look at the window and then turn back around to face Alex, I grab his sleeve, while we’re at a red light. He turns down the music and then looks at me. “How long will it take to get to ‘The Company’,” I say with quotation marks around company.
 “From where we’re at?” he pulls back his coat shirt-sleeve and looks at an expensive silver looking watch. “A couple hours, you can catch up on some sleep,” he looks over at me quickly and gives me a disapproving once-over, “You look like a wreck,” he says with a knowing look. Can he not give a complement, just once? I roll my eyes. “Can I take off my shoes?” I ask tiredly.
“If you’ll stop asking questions,” he says rudely cutting off our pathetic way of making small talk. I unlace my shoes to reveal one black sock and one gray one. I could’ve sworn that they were the same color this morning when I put them on, but then again I did dress in the dark.
 I tuck my feet underneath my bum and kind of lean on the window, trying to find a comfortable position. Alex turns the music back up and this time it’s a song called Teen Idle by Marina and the diamonds. I fall asleep to the lull of Marina’s soft singing.













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