The Mysterious Man and The Lonely Woman

The mysterious man follows her but what does she think of him?


2. The next day

I wake up remembering what happened the night before. I check my phone, He texted me.

Him: My name is Dean Wood.

Me: Okay. Well how do you know my name?

Him: I saw you a year ago at a Christmas party

Me: I don't remember talking to a Dean Wood

Him: That's because I never talked to you. After I saw you I followed but then I lost in all the traffic. So I went back to the party and asked who you were nobody knew who you were but one man did. He only knew you name. So I looked you up on the internet. I found a website that tells you the phone number of the person you research.

Me: Can you please leave me alone!!!

Him: But I love you. Ever since I saw you I can't stop thinking about you. You're so beautiful 

I decided not to text him back. He's creepy.

But I find it kind of charming. He went through so much trouble just to find me. But also he's stalking me and its creepy. Hopefully he stops talking to me.

I start walking to my friends house. I look around hoping not to see Dean. Too bad  I don't know what his face looks like. 

Just as I'm passing a shoe store a man walks up to me.


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