The Mysterious Man and The Lonely Woman

The mysterious man follows her but what does she think of him?


3. The Man


So many thoughts raced through my head. Is this him? Is this Dean Wood? 

"Are you Dean Wood?"


I walk away but he grabs my wrist.

"Please let me explain. I might seem creepy but I'm not i swear."

"Please leave me alone"

"Please just give me a chance?"

Should I? He's really cute and he likes me but he stalked me.

"Fine. I'll be your Friend."

I start to walk away. I feel a vibration in my back pocket from my phone.

Dean: I want to get to know you

Me: You can get to know me later

Dean: Would you like to go on a date with me on Friday?

Me: Sure why not

Dean: Okay I'll pick you up at 7

I can't believe it I'm going on a date with a complete stranger. It's kinda weird. But he's also really cute and nice and he's charming. I'm sure it won't be that weird.  


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