The Mysterious Man and The Lonely Woman

The mysterious man follows her but what does she think of him?


1. follow

I run down the road faster and faster but he is still following me. He's calling out my name his voice sounds familiar. He sounds far away but he's getting closer to me "ECHO! ECHO RICHARDS! PLEASE STOP". How does he know me? What does he want? I finally get home I lock my door and all my windows. As I'm locking the last window I look outside to see him on the street. He pulls out his phone and he starts to type. All of a sudden I feel a vibration in my back pocket my heart starts to race. was it him? How did he get my number? I decide to check it. Him: why did you run away from me? I don't want to hurt you. Me: Who are you? How did you get my number? Him: Let me in and I'll tell you Me: I'm not letting you in until you me!!! He didn't text me back. I look out my window and he's gone. Finally he's gone.
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