Triple S vs lord of the Naevehstar underworld

a cocky girl with a short attention span and her best decide to go to a distant planet,unknown to earth,only to find out the aliens there need there help. they make friends along the way and together they will fight to the end.
note: there is some words you will not be able to pronounce, sorry



Sabre trained with a strict woman called Florwtess (yes Sabre did make fun of her name. a lot). She hated the way the way that Sabre’s attention didn’t last longer than three minutes. They trained all day but not all night Sabre refused to train at night she said she would rather sleep, much to Florwtess’s annoyance.

Meanwhile Sarah was wide awake and busy in a lab. She had woken up a few hours ago in a bed covered in bruises and scrapes, due to being dragged for nearly a mile. Sabre updated her on all that Keeper had told her. In the lab Sarah was melting, mixing and combining all sorts of different metals. She added last a DNA sample from Sabre, she then waited for a while. Nothing happened.

“Oh do something will you” Sarah moaned.

She turned around ready to storm out of the door when she suddenly heard a loud, irritating fizzing noise, she turned around just in time to see a bright white light before there was an explosion. It took Sarah off her feet and the force flew her back into a wall knocking her out.

When Sarah woke up there was smoke everywhere.

“How many times will I be unconscious today!?” Sarah thought angrily.

She coughed and spluttered trying to find to find her way round, when she stumbled into a bench, she moved her hands all the way around when she came across something hot.

“Ow what’s that” Sarah said.

The smoke was just about clearing up now and she could start to see better.

“A….a....a sword” stuttered the confused scientist. Sarah then grew overwhelmingly exited.

Sarah danced around the room occasionally bumping into something but she didn’t care, she had made a sword.

The sword was long and thin. It was the colour of platinum and it glistened all the way up it had glowing, white patterns just like Sabres.

“Now to test how strong you are” Sarah said a little madly

She went outside and looked to see if anyone was around. After the coast was clear she pulled a large stone from a wall and lugged it back into the lab. She heaved it onto the work bench then had a little rest. She lifted the sword above her head and fiercely brought it down on the large stone, not only did it cut the stone clean in half but also the work lab as well. Sarah screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Omg this is too awesome for my eyeba…..” but before she could say anymore she fainted.

Sabre had finished training for today and went to find Sarah in the lab. She was feeling happy with herself because she just learned how to fight, and how she could do something useful with her teeth.

She walked into the lab Sarah was using to see her unconscious on the floor. She started tapping her with her foot

“Hey Sarah wake up” said Sabre still poking her

The toe poking then turned in gentle kicking, then to less gentle kicking until Sabre decided it would be best to stop that and start slapping her round the face instead”

“Huh what? Ow! Sabre stop I’m awake STOP!” Sarah shrieked covering her face

“Oh right yeah hello” Sabre said sheepishly

She went round looking at things in the lab this one was much different to ones back on earth. Everything was so high-tech and there was so many buttons.

“Ooo there are so many buttons, I must press them all!”

“Oh no you don’t you will not press anything!”

Sabre walked over to what looked like a sink. She waited till Sarah’s back was turned and held down the red button. Some sparks started to come out of the tap thing.

“That’s strange I thought water is supposed to come out” Sabre thought to herself, still holding down the red button

Sabre then screamed as fiery liquid started to blast out of the tap.

“Aaaahhhhh how do I make it stop!” Sabre screamed.

“Take your stupid hand of the button you idiot”

Sabre quickly retracted her hand form the tap looking a bit dazed her clothes were a bit burnt but apart from that she was ok.

Sabre expected Sarah to shout and tell her off but she just burst out laughing.

“Sometimes I forget how stupid you are” Sarah laughed

“Me too. Let’s go back before I set anything else on fire”

On the way back from the lab Sabre told Sarah about how training went. She said how Florwtess had said she could sense a light in her and that tomorrow she would try contacting a person with the same power to see how she could use it. Sarah told Sabre how she made the sword. Sabre laughed at the part when Sarah was knocked out by the blast.

“You have been unconscious three times today! Wow”

“It’s not wow its annoying especially if you’re being dragged or wacked round the face, I have so many bruises Sabre”

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