Triple S vs lord of the Naevehstar underworld

a cocky girl with a short attention span and her best decide to go to a distant planet,unknown to earth,only to find out the aliens there need there help. they make friends along the way and together they will fight to the end.
note: there is some words you will not be able to pronounce, sorry



Another whole day and a half later Sarah had finally finished her suit it had everything she wanted and it even was stretchy so it would never grow out of it. It was perfect. Sarah put on the suit and stood in front of the wall in where they were staying.

“Activate reflection” she said to the wall.

As soon as she had spoken, a metallic type of liquid started to pour out of the top of the wall, it spilled all the way down so it just touched the floor, it instantly froze so it was like a mirror, but it was and more awesome. Sarah was staring at herself in the mirror for quite a long time. She suddenly let out a scream louder then she had ever done.

“I look so cool!” she squealed in a very, very high pitched voice.

“Woah, sounds like there is a piglet on helium in here what’s going….”

Sabre stopped in her tracks dropping her food, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Where did you get that from, I want one” Sabre said overcome with sudden jealousy “if I do not have one I will cry until I get my own way”

“Oh Sabre come on it took me like four days to make, I can’t be bothered to make another one, exactly the same”

“You are making me the saddest person on the planet Sarah” Sabre whined trying to force herself to cry

 “Sabre stop being such a baby” Sarah said “if only there was a way we could just duplicate the suit”

Sabre and Sarah went to find Keeper to ask him. They went to ask him because they he was one of the two people that they knew on the planet. Sabre desperately wanted a suit and she would do anything to have one, such as trying to force herself to cry.

Keeper told them that they had to go to someone called Vlancsar, he had a secret type of machine that could make another one of an object, exactly the same. That was just what they needed the girls started to get really excited but that stopped when Keeper asked for a favour.

“When you encounter the dark lord I would like my daughter to come with you she is one of the best swordswomen on this planet”

“Yeah I know who she is you have been boasting about her since I first met you” Sabre said bitterly

“ok so that means we need another two suits then” said Sarah “we’ll go after we see your daughter”

Sabre really disliked the Keeper’s daughter even though she had never met her. Keeper always said how his daughter was better than her and how she could beat her in a fight, but of course Sabre didn’t believe him.

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