Triple S vs lord of the Naevehstar underworld

a cocky girl with a short attention span and her best decide to go to a distant planet,unknown to earth,only to find out the aliens there need there help. they make friends along the way and together they will fight to the end.
note: there is some words you will not be able to pronounce, sorry



The three girls were all at selvy’s house with the suits.

“Shall we try them on then” Selvy said

 “Oh yeah that would be great” Sabre said excitedly

Sarah handed out the suits and they all put them on. Sarah then walked up to a blank wall.

“Is this the technical wall” Sarah asked

“Er yes if that’s what you call it” Selvy said

“Activate reflection”

The same metallic liquid poured out of the top of the wall and spilled all the way down to the bottom, just like it did at Sabre and Sarah’s house. The three girls stood in front of the mirror and took a long look at themselves.

“Meow don’t we look sexy” Sabre said

“This fits really well” Selvy said still checking herself out

“You know, I thought we would have to change the s on the front of the suit, but all our name begin with s, how convenient is that”

“Oh yeah I didn’t realise that” Selvy said

“Fate has brought us together” Sabre shouted

The girls were wearing their suits for quite a while and testing them on each other, they were punching, kicking and shoving each other to see if it would hurt, but thanks to Sarah’s scientific skills nothing could hurt them, nothing that they knew of.

A few hours later Sarah had gone to get her sword from the house to see if that could damage the suit or not.

Sabre was telling Selvy about how training with Florwtess was going and that all that she needed to do was find out how to summon her powers to see what they were and how to use them.

“Yeah so Florwtess said my power is some sort of light” Sabre said

“Well that’s convenient seeing as were going to be fighting the dark lord” Selvy said

“I’m back” Sarah shouted from the door way.

She ran into the room swinging round her sword around like a maniac.

“put the sword down before you chop my head off” Selvy screamed

“oh yeah sorry” Sarah said quickly retracting her sword.

“I volunteer to be stabbed” Sabre said

Sarah got her sword and violently jabbed Sabre in the arm. Nothing happened. It didn’t hurt Sabre or even damage the suit. Sarah started to jab her more now, and Selvy as well, soon they were all running round squealing being stabbed by Sarah.

“WHAT'S GOING ON!” Keeper shouted as he stormed through the door

The girls all stopped in their tracks and looked down at the floor.

“I thought you were all old enough to not act like this, your behaving like mshainers”

“What are mshainers?” Sabre whispered to Selvy

“They are like the pigs on your planet, only smaller, uglier and much more stupid”


After Keeper had finished telling them all off he told them to go sit at the big table in the other room so he could talk to them, he had some more news about The Dark Lord. He told them that lotnu (lord of the nevaehstarian underworld) was growing more powerful and he is taking the bodies of the dead and bringing half bringing them back to life, to form an army.

Sabre had to train every day from now on and so did Sarah, seeing as she didn’t know how to use a sword properly. Selvy was told to teach Sarah all she knew about sword fighting, and Florwtess had told Sabre that there is someone who is coming here to help her train.

Word had got out to the people about lotnu and everyone was evacuating the big cities and towns to go to the fields. The fields are a distant land on this planet, where there is only grass.

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