Triple S vs lord of the Naevehstar underworld

a cocky girl with a short attention span and her best decide to go to a distant planet,unknown to earth,only to find out the aliens there need there help. they make friends along the way and together they will fight to the end.
note: there is some words you will not be able to pronounce, sorry



The next morning Sabre woke early, too early. Something had woken her but she didn’t know what.

“That’s strange” Sabre thought

She heard a strange sound under her bed.

Because Naevehstar was an alien planet, the beds, which were round, hovered above the floor and also the rooms were round but that was only houses.

“Oh man! Am I still dreaming?” Sabre panicked

She jumped out of bed forgetting to lower the bed down. It was high up because Sabre pressing buttons….again. She fell and landed with a thud on the floor.

“Nope not dreaming” Sabre  groaned

Slowly Sabre got up and dusted herself off, she turned around to see what the noise was, and surprisingly there was a little animal there a baby of some sort.

“How’d you get in here?”

Sabre bent down, and stroked the animal as soon as she touched it, it slowly flew into the air

“Ok this is getting weird now”

The animal started to change appearance.

“Oh no”

Its fur turned from a dull greyish colour to a brown and curly like Sabre’s hair. The light then grew brighter as white patterns were also added.


When the animal had finished its transformation it had three piecing green eyes and white sparkly teeth

“Diamond I’m guessing” laughed Sabre

“So what are you, an alien dog, a really small bear, a type of fox?” Sabre guessed

“No, I am a Pomformarnia guardian” said a voice in her head

“What the! What was that? Was that you? This just keeps getting weirder” Sabre said sighing and sitting down.

At this point Sabre was extremely confused, more confused than normal. The animal guardian thing, which Sabre couldn’t pronounce its name, could only talk through Sabre’s head which meant it could read her thoughts. Sabre decided to call it Pomf. It was to stay with her until she died, which was a good thing because Sabre was starting to like Pomf.

Sarah walked into the eating place as they called it, they couldn’t pronounce the actual name for it.

“Hey” yawned Sarah

“Morning” said Sabre, eating an alien version of and apple.

“Was I dreaming or did I here you falling and talking”

“Oh that was me and Pomf”

“What’s tha…?”

Sarah saw a weird animal sat on the table eating the same thing as Sabre. It reminded her of Sabre but she didn’t know how.

“I’m guessing that’s Pomf”

“You guessed correctly”

Sabre told Sarah about how her and Pomf met it took a while because Sabre kept laughing which was really annoying. Pomf also joined in through Sabre which Sabre found confusing


Sabre, Pomf and Sarah all went to see lady Florwtess. She was so shocked to see Pomf that she nearly fainted.

“Oh my goodness I thought Pomformarnia’s were extinct!”

“Aha they are not! They all went into hiding because some aliens not mentioning any species …..Naevehstarrians…. tried hunting them” Sabre said with her eyebrows raised “yeah he told me”

“I am the opposite gender, female, as you call it by the way” Pomf sent

“Oh are you? Sorry I can’t really tell from here”

“She told me” Sabre corrected

“But…but this only means, the light I sense inside you is…is some sort of power” Florwtess stuttered

“Excuse me, did you just say I have powers”

“Yes I think I did” Florwtess said still shocked

“So I’ve had powers all this time and nobody knew” Sabre said angrily

“Sabre there is no need to be angry this is a good thing” sent Pomf

“Yes, yes it is your right Pomf”

“I know” Pomf said cheekily

“You know, I think you’re starting to get an attitude”

Training was different from now on Florwtess was now concentrating on how to unlock Sabres powers, because they could be the key to defeating the dark lord. Sabre started training late some nights now, reluctantly, because they needed more time to train.

“Now Sabre clear your head of all thoughts”

“That’s kind of impossible”

“Just don’t think of anything”

“Nothing at all?”

“Yes nothing, and keep your eyes CLOSED”

“Keep your eyes closed” Sabre mimicked

“DO NOT MIMIK ME earth child”

“Do not call me earth child”

They were arguing for hours until Sabre finally decided to do as she was told, Sabre was so reluctant on doing what she was told because she was way too excited about finding the dark lord. Which she shouldn’t be because she could die, but she was so full of herself she saw past that.

Only a few minutes’ walk away from the training arena Sarah was in the lab, she was very bored and a bit upset because she was slightly jealous of Sabres new powers but mainly because she felt useless, Sarah wanted to help Sabre fight but she didn’t know how.

“It’s not fair” Sarah thought “Sabres got potential powers but what have I got, except from a big brain, and a really cool sword that I don’t really know how to use” Sarah thought.

“Come on brain! I’m clever think of something” she said violently slapping her head

“I’ve got a sword, all I need know is just something to protect me, some armour or a cool suit or something” she thought feeling better now “yeah that’s it! a high-tech suit. I’ll look so cool!” she squealed.

So Sarah decided to make a suit so she could battle with Sabre. She was so excited to make it she didn’t know where to start. Fumbling here and fumbling there Sarah told herself to calm down.

“it’s just a suit Sarah calm down” she said to herself “hmmm it’s going to have to be fire proof and bullet proof and maybe I will add awesome sword proof just in case I accidently stab myself”

Quickly Sarah rushed around the lab trying to gather materials that would be useful. There was much more elements and stuff on this planet than there was on earth. Obviously. It took hours to make a suitable material that was fire, bullet and sword proof. The first hundred times all failed, but Sarah was determined to carry on.


“Hello” Sabre said happily as she strolled in

“Yes that would be nice” Sarah mumbled

“Gross you look terrible, you do realise you have been in this lab for like two days straight, what are you even doing that’s so important”

“Good morning” Sarah mumbled still unaware of her surroundings

“SARAH” Sabre shouted getting annoyed “I want to tell you news about meeeee. Gosh you sound like uncle grandpa! I will come back in a few hours” Sabre said storming out the room.


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