Triple S vs lord of the Naevehstar underworld

a cocky girl with a short attention span and her best decide to go to a distant planet,unknown to earth,only to find out the aliens there need there help. they make friends along the way and together they will fight to the end.
note: there is some words you will not be able to pronounce, sorry



Sabre didn’t really want to go to meet with Keeper’s daughter, but an extra pair of hands and a sword would be useful in battle. She brought Pomf to the meeting place as well, only because she wanted to make Keeper’s daughter jealous. Keeper had told them his daughters name but because this is an alien planet neither of them new how to say.

About ten minutes later they met up with Keeper’s daughter.

“Hello you must be Sabre and Sarah, my name is Selvianas” said a girl

“Hi, sorry I can’t really pronounce your name properly is there a shorter version of your name” asked Sarah

“Yes sure I guess you could call me Selvy”

“Your dad’s told me a lot of things about you”

“Haha good things I hope”

“Hmm” Sabre said not wanting to agree.

The three girls talked for a while, discussing a plan to defeat the dark lord. The conversation went on for a while, Sabre didn’t forget to mention her potential powers and the cool suits they would all be wearing to protect them. After a while Sabre brought out Pomf from underneath the table he had been there all this time and he had started to get hungry. Selvy stopped talking and stared wide eyed at Pomf.

“is that a Pomformarnia guardian?” Selvy said still shocked

“Yes he is he bonded with me about a week ago”

“That’s so cool, where did you find him”

“Under my bed” Sabre said truthfully

Selvy looked confused when Sabre said that but she decided to not say anything after that. It started to go quite now, but Sabre was slightly happy because Selvy was jealous.

“ok so we need to go and get more suits, one for Sabre and one for you, would you like to come with us” Sarah asked breaking the awkward silence.

“Oh yes please I would love to see one” Selvy said excitedly.

It was a half an hour walk up to where Vlancsar was. When they got there all they could see was a little hut, that’s when they all got confused.

“Ok…this wasn’t what I was expecting, I thought it would be bigger than this”

“Yeah same” said Selvy a little confused

“I’m going to press the button” Sarah said slowly

They all walked up to the door and Sarah reached out and pressed the button, it made a slight buzzing sound then a screen popped out from the door and flashed a really bright light which made the girls even more confused

“Er what just happened” Selvy said

“I think whoever is in there just took a picture of us or something” Sarah said

“How dare he!” Sabre said offended

A few seconds later the doorway slowly faded until you could see inside, that’s what happens with doors on this planet.

“I guess were going in then” Sabre

All three girls went inside, it was only one round room there was a bed but it was near the ceiling. There were clothes and food scattered around the place and there was a lot of alien technology. So basically it was like a teenage boy’s bedroom. There was a strange rug type thing in the middle of the room as well and once Selvy had seen it she didn’t stop staring at it, so Sabre just left her like that.

“so you would like something replicated” Vlancsar said.

“Yes please it’s just an item of clothing my two friends would like as well” explained Sarah.

“What’s under the rug” Sabre suddenly interrupted with a frown on her face.

Pomf started to whine and growl at the rug he chewed at the sides trying to move it. Something was wrong.

The man frowned as well.

“How do you know somethings underneath there” he said suspiciously.

“I…I don’t know I can just feel it” Sabre said staring down at the rug.

She bent down and lifted up the rug there was a button there and she didn’t hesitate to press it, a square shape faded away to reveal some sort of basement, Pomf immediately jumped down and he ran out of sight. Sabre stood back up and waved her hand in front of Selvy’s face, to try and get her to snap out of whatever she was in.

“Huh? What…what's going on?” Selvy said looking a little dazed.

“I don’t now but I’m to find out” Sabre said fiercely.

She jumped down the whole into the basement, and followed the direction Pomf went. It was really dark down there, Sabre could barely see where she was going.

“Pomf where are you come back here, I can’t see!” she said quietly shouting.

No response.

She tried thinking what she just said to see if he would send something back.

“I’m ok” said pomf “I’ll come and find you”

A few seconds later she could hear the comforting sound of Pomf’s footsteps. Sabre could only just see him because it was so dark.

 The basement was much bigger than the house itself, it was like a maze of tunnels going all down and around the hill.

Pomf seemed to know where he was going but Sabre didn’t have a clue, she also kept on tripping over and walking into walls, at one point she even fell down a small flight of stairs.

“I hate this place it’s so dark” Sabre said very aggravated.

“I know you do, but now listen you have light use it” pomf sent

“I don’t know how”

“Do what madam Florwtess said clear your mind of everything and concentrate on my voice, think of what you 

Pomf’s words were very useful and soothing and all Sabre’s worries left her. When she opened her eyes it was still as dark as before, she frowned but she didn’t get annoyed, but then something happened her white tattoos gradually started to glow and soon enough they were all glowing brightly.

“Wow this is so cool thank you so much pomf”

Sabre closed her eyes again, she wanted to try something else. When she opened them again Pomf’s white patterns on his fur started to glow as well. Pomf looked so shocked he ran in circles trying to look at himself.

“I didn’t know you could do that” pomf sent amazed

“Well I just figured if my white patterns can glow why can’t yours” Sabre shrugged.

Meanwhile upstairs Vlancsar, Sarah and Selvy were awkwardly standing around the room, quietly waiting for Sabre and pomf to come back.

“Ok… so I’ll replicate those clothes now then” Vlancsar said

“Oh yeah that’s what we came for” Sarah said. She was hoping for Sabre to come back soon.

Vlancsar went to a blank wall and waved his hand in front of it, a panel of numbers, alien ones, appeared. He pressed in some sort of code then waved his hand again so the panel disappeared, a few seconds later some weird alien machinery came out of the wall. It was a strange silvery colour with lots of different buttons and alien symbols.

“Please can I have the item of clothing” he said quietly

“Oh yes sure” Sarah said

Sarah handed the folded up suit to Vlancsar he placed it in the machine and pressed lots of different buttons, he then pressed a big blue button. The inside of the machinery started to glow and make loud humming noises it went on for about five minutes when it pinged like a microwave, he opened up the lid and some strange orange steam came out, he pulled out the three folded up suits, they were quite steamy and hot and accidently dropped one he picked it up but it became unfolded, he picked back up by the shoulders he was just about to ask a question when pomf jumped out of the hole then Sabre’s head popped up as well. Her tattoos were still glowing.

“Oh Sabre your tattoos there glowing!” Sarah gasped

“They look beautiful” Selvy said

Vlancsar looked at Sabre worriedly.

“I…I found it when I first came to live here, there are huge tunnels all over this place, please can you not tell anyone or they will make me move. Only the people of the cities no about my replications” Vlancsar said desperately.

The girls all looked at one another until Selvy decided to talk.

“Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone” Selvy said gently

They all said thank you and turned to leave but Selvy turned around.

“You do realise my father knows about this place”

“Who is your father” Vlancsar said worriedly

“the Keeper of the portals” Selvy said with a big grin on her face  “but don’t worry he was the one that told us to come here”

Selvy walked out and caught up with the others, leaving Vlancsar standing shocked

“Well what did you see down there” Sarah said to Sabre

“Erm well it was dark then I made it light with help from pomf” Sabre said

Pomf jumped around and barked, so Sarah picked him up.

“the only interesting bit was the really big cave I couldn’t see all the way down it but it was dark, darker than dark” Sabre said

“Do you think it’s got something to do with the dark lord?” Selvy asked

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it did” Sabre said

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