Triple S vs lord of the Naevehstar underworld

a cocky girl with a short attention span and her best decide to go to a distant planet,unknown to earth,only to find out the aliens there need there help. they make friends along the way and together they will fight to the end.
note: there is some words you will not be able to pronounce, sorry



Sabre and pomf were on their way to the training arena in the early hours of the morning. The city was much quieter seeing as everyone was at the fields. She looked up at the sky, it was a pinky, orange colour with the three moons next to each other. She looked all around herself, Sabre didn’t like being out here on her own although she had pomf with her it felt like she was being watched. She walked into the arena to see florwtess talking to a man. She stopped at the doorway and peeped through, Sabre felt like she knew the man but she didn’t know how.

“What’s wrong, do you know him?” pomf sent

“I don’t know it’s like I have seen him before, but I don’t know where” Sabre whispered.

“Would you like me to look through your memories to see if you know him” pomf sent

“You can do that? Yes please” Sabre whispered

“It might take a while though” he sent

Sabre walked through the doorway up to florwtess and the man with pomf by her side. Florwtess introduced Sabre to the man, his name was Gorno now that did ring a bell in Sabre’s mind. She recognised that name as well. Gorno looked like somebody she knew when she was little. This was all so confusing for Sabre, florwtess was talking to her but she couldn’t concentrate with all these thoughts whizzing through her mind, she just smiled and nodded like she was listening.

“I have finished” pomf sent

“You have tell me then” Sabre said forgetting that florwtess was talking

“What are you talking about?” florwtess asked

“He is your grandfather” pomf sent “in your memories, I saw when you were a baby he was there quite a few times actually”

“He is?” Sabre shouted

Florwtess and Gorno both looked at each other. They were both confused because they didn’t know what pomf was saying to Sabre.

“You, your my grandfather” sabre said to Gorno

Florwtess stood wide eyed at sabre.

“How…how do you know” Gorno stuttered

“my pomformarnia guardian looked through my memories and saw you there” sabre explained

“you weren’t meant to find out yet” flowtess said flailing her arms around

“well you need to explain my life because I don’t really know who I am” sabre said

Gorno told sabre to sit down, he explained that sabre was born on this planet and she lived with her parents. Her father died during war so sabre and her mother fled to a neighbouring planet for protection, but on there way something went wrong with the portal and you ended up on earth. For all that he knew sabre’s mother was being hunted by the humans so she put you on someone’s door step and ran away, so there was a possibility she was still alive.

“Well you have either ruined or made my day, I can’t really tell”

Gorno laughed

“You look a lot like your mother you know” Gorno smiled, slightly emotional

After story time, they decided it was best to carry on with training. Sabre was a fast learner and she was catching on quickly. She soon found out that her power was fire but not any ordinary fire like red and orange colour, Sabre’s fire was glowing and white.

At first she could only light up her tattoos, and then she could light a small flame in the palm of her hand, after that she could set her whole fist alight. The first time Sabre did that she ran around the arena screaming her head off, and Florwtess couldn’t get her to calm down.

“ok so now what you need to know what to do is launch the fire, because it’s not going to be any use just on your fist is it?” Florwtess said.

“Right, so how do I do that?” Sabre asked

“Your hand is already alight so in your mind picture yourself launching it away from you” Gorno said.

Sabre closed her eyes and tried picturing herself throwing the fireball, it was quite difficult as she kept accidently thinking of other things.

“Sabre you need to concentrate on what you want” pomf sent

“Ok, ok” Sabre thought

It took a while for Sabre to fully concentrate, but she eventually got it. She slowly opened her eyes then thrusted her fiery fist forwards. The glowing white fireball was thrown from Sabre’s hand and flew all the way to the arena wall. Even know it was fire it burned straight through and leaving a huge whole behind.

“Well….. I was not expecting that” Gorno said

“That was so cool I wanna do that again” Sabre squealed

“You are more powerful than I thought” Florwtess said

“Thank you, wait, hey what do you mean more powerful than you thought, didn’t you think I was that powerful” Sabre said.

Sabre carried on throwing fireballs in all different directions, sometimes only just missing Gorno and Florwtess. Gorno told Sabre that he used to be able to make fire come out of his eyes when he was younger, it sounded really painful but Sabre was willing to try.

“does it involve concentrating and thinking about what I want because I have been doing that all day, its making my brain hurt” Sabre groaned

“Unfortunately yes, that’s the only way you can” Gorno said

 Sabre reluctantly closed her eyes, muttering things to herself about not wanting to do it.

“Alright Sabre, you only have to do this for about another hour” pomf sent

“Good. I am really excited about doing this, it’s just that I have been doing this all day and I’m really bored” Sabre thought

Sabre thought about shooting lasers out of her eyes, but then she realised that she doesn’t have lasers. When Sabre opened her eyes everything looked different. It was like she could see better, even know she could see fine before.

“What’s happening, everything looks different” Sabre said

“Your half way there Sabre” Gorno said “just picture the other rest, it is quite difficult”

“Yeah I know that” Sabre said

Sabre didn’t quite manage to shoot fire through her eyes, it’s not really an important skill that she needs, it’s just more that it looks cool.

When she got home it was quite late and Sarah and Selvy were already asleep. Selvy had been staying with them recently, so she could train Sarah as much as possible. Sarah was much better with a sword now but she still needed more training.

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