Different future

Cassandra finds her self in loveless mariage with a kid and cheating husband while she is sleeping with someone else too. But when their child goes missing Cassandra don't find reason to live anymore.


2. two

-a month later-




Still not a sight of my baby. i couldn't stop crying. i couldn't speak i barely ate. Lucas stayed with me making me eat and wrapped his arms around me every night when he told that i needed to sleep. middle of the night i would scream Daisy's name after i had seen a horrible nightmare of finding her dead. Lucas would comfort me and telling me go back to sleep. Lucas said he needed to go to some meeting and i woke up and sat to sofa and watched News to look if they had new information of my baby. the night  came Lucas was still gone. i had been taking sleeping pill's because i couldn't sleep without them. it was ten am as i got up from the bed. Lucas never came next to me. i heard talking from downstairs. i walked down the stairs. i saw girl wearing Lucas's shirt. she was talking on the phone "yeah! he was so good. i think i had orgasm like five times gosh he was so big. yeah. yeah. he's  still sleeping. i'm at his kitchen right now." she said. she ended the call and jumped when she saw me. i stared at her coldly. "who the fuck are you?" she snapped. "whats going on here." i heard Lucas's raspy morning voice. "Luc who is she?" the girl asked. "shit." Lucas cursed. i felt like a shit. of course i felt like a shit thats all i had felt this past month but i felt more like shit. my heart was hurting like hell. i felt dirty. "she's my wife. you dumb ass. get the hell out of here now!" Lucas snapped. i raised my eye brows. "you are his wife? you are so ugly." she laugh to me. "doesn't she speak?" She asked. "GET THE HELL OUT.NOW!" Lucas said.  she got out. i turned around to walk back to my room. i felt so stupid. "Cassandra. please forgive me." Lucas said walking behind me. i just glared at him. he followed me to my room saying his sorry. what was he sorry about? oh yeah. maybe because he had kissed me and slept next to me every night telling me how much she cared about me and Daisy and that he was going to change. but he was just man whore. he couldn't change. i  took a towel and walked to bathroom gladly he didn't follow me there. i locked the door and turned the bath on. i lied there on the bath tub. crying with no sound. where was my baby? i missed her so much that it hurt and now the Lucas dickhead had to slept with some whore who clearly didn't mean shit for him. i hated it. for a second i though he would actually care about me. but in my life there was not such a think as love. i mean of course i love  my Daisy but thats different kind of love. Daisy was the only thing what made me feel loved. she always told me how much she loved me. and i started to feel that i had lost her forever. 


Lucas's pow


i sat on the edge of Cassandra's bed. i felt nasty feeling in my stomach as i realized that she had been in the bathroom too long. i called her name there was no sound. bath tub. shit! i broke the door down and found her under the water with eyes closed and blank look on her pale skin. she was cold. and i couldn't feel her pulse after i had pulled her of. SHIT. i'm glad i knew how to give artificial respiration. my stomach felt sick when she didn't respond. there was no answer. i yelled. i kissed her hand crying. now i had lost her too. first my child now the love of my life. how could i live for now? i never told her how i felt. i never had to say those words to her. she never got to know the truth. maybe this was the karma. i tried to run and avoid everything. i only slept with others to try to forget her but every time when i came home i saw my two princesses sleeping in each others arms it was the best sight i had ever saw. even though she clearly didn't love me that didn't stop my feelings. i couldn't let her go. when i found out she was pregnant i wanted to marry her and live with her but i never told her about my feelings. i never said anything. i felt the hand what i was holding to move. my heart skipped a beat when she slowly opened eyes i breathed out happily. i though i wouldn't never see her beautiful brown eyes again.

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