Different future

Cassandra finds her self in loveless mariage with a kid and cheating husband while she is sleeping with someone else too. But when their child goes missing Cassandra don't find reason to live anymore.


1. Not a nightmare




I was sitting on bench as Daisy played on the sandbox. i saw Lucas coming he was wearing a suit and his hair was messy and he had lips stick on his cheeks and lips. i rolled my eyes. i stood up and looked to the sand box where Daisy was happily making sand castle i walked over Lucas. "you are late? i can't believe you screwed with your whores when we were supposed to go to meet your family." i face palmed. he raised his eye brows and didn't say anything. "it's nice to meet you too darling." he said. "shut it." i said shooting a warning  look to him. "okay so are we going or what." he said. "yeah." i said turning around and saw Daisy's Pink sand bucket on the box. "where is she." i mumbled as i looked around the playground. i felt panic rise on my chest. "she's gone. where is she! Lucas! she was right there. sitting on the sand box." i raised my voice. he was texting and took his look of his phone i could see the worry flash through his eyes. "what? where is DAISY?" he said. "he was just sitting there." i said walking over where i saw her sit just few minutes ago. i felt the my legs get weak. when i saw her bunny on the spot where she sat. "someone must have taken her!" i screamed. i felt Lucas's hands around me normally i would have pushed him off but i didn't have the energy. "maybe she just run to somewhere." Lucas said. "don't be fool. you know she doesn't do stuff like that. and she don't go anywhere with out Dodo." i said taking the stuffed animal to my hands. we spend two hours running around  the park calling her name but we got nothing. "have you seen this girl?" Lucas asked for a lady who sat in the bench at other side of the park. she looked at the picture. "isn't that the girl who was crying like maniac as the man carried her." other woman said looking the picture and that was when everything went black. 

"Cas, honey wake up." Lucas's soft voice called. i opened my eyes slowly and i was on Lucas's lap as we were inside his limo. "where are we going?!" i snapped sitting up. "home." Lucas answered. "but DAISY." I yelled. "the polices are looking for her." Lucas's said. i started to cry. Lucas looked at me and wrapped his arms around me as i cried on his chest. "What if we never see her again." i said. "don't be silly. of course we will find her. you know how much i love her. i will sell our beach house if they stop looking for her i will pay. i don't care if i get broke or if i have to give my Bugatti away to pay for extra searching." Lucas said. money wasn't problem. i knew it. Lucas was NHL player one of the best and his pay was more than good. and me? i totally lived with his money. we never loved each others. Daisy was the only thing what kept us married. Lucas didn't want to get married or be with one woman but he needed everyone believe that he was married when the fact was that he didn't love me never did or never will. i met Lucas when i was nineteen  i was one of the stupid girls who though he was super hot and the condom broke and Lucas gladly wasn't so asshole that he would have left me alone with his child. he wanted to be a dad and we got married and made everyone think that we loved each others. i'm not gold digger i said that i could make my own money but Lucas refused he said that he was paying to me to act like his wife when he needed me to. i'm now twenty one and Lucas is twenty four. i couldn't stop crying. Daisy is my everything. i didn't love anyone. i only  had Nicolas who was more than friend and he don't love me either we just use each others. my love life is fucked up. but Daisy was my everything. she kept sane and made me enjoy my life she was the best thing what had ever happened to me and now someone took her away. "darling. we will find her." Lucas said as he carried me inside. i couldn't stand i tried to but i couldn't take a step it was like someone took my all energy away. but Lucas being super athlete Hockey player carried me like i weight nothing. i looked Lucas and his eyes were red. "you are crying." i said. he looked at me like i was stupid. "of course i am crying. i love that little girl so much. i will kill that bastard who stole my princes.if they or that man lays a finger on her i  promise i will fucking kill her." Lucas roared like a lion. he was angry,no he was furious. "it was my fault." i said. "no babe. don't say that." he said whipping  a tear away from my cheek. "it's not your fault." he said. "but if i wouldn't let her off my sight." i said. "no, stop. don't blame your self." he said. we didn't sleep. we just sat on the sofa staring at the clock and checking our phones every ten seconds. no sight of my baby.  "try to sleep." he said. "i can't." i said. "baby. please sleep. you need sleep." he said. "don't you get it! i can't close my eyes because i know DAISY IS NOT NEXT TO ME CRAWLING TO MY ARMS TELLING HOW MUCH SHE LOVES HER MUMMY! I CAN'T!" i yelled to Lucas tears streaming down my cheeks. my heart was breaking every second a bit more. "darling." Lucas whispered whipping tears of my cheeks. he kissed softly my cheek as i kept crying. his strong arms were around my petite body. he pulled me to his lap and i let him. i knew that the mouth of his had been kissing those fake blonds with fake tits earlier but i didn't seem to care. i was surprised of his action. after Daisy was born he haven't touched me. we had only slept once  and it was when the condom broke we have only kissed when his mum were looking and it was on the cheek. he had seen me naked few times when he was going to take a shower but he only looked at me coldly and walked away. he carried me to my bedroom and lied me down to bed hovering on top of me i took his shirt of. he's mouth kissed my lips softly and gently. "this is not good idea Cassandra." he murmured against my lips as he was between my legs and my shirt was on the floor. "i know." i said looking straight to his eyes. "you are in so much stress you need to feel good even though it lasts few minutes." he said kissing my chest. i run my hands on black hair. as much i hated to admit Lucas was the best i had ever had. he was the one who took my virginity it hurt at first but it was like a heaven after that i had slept with two others but they were nothing compared to Lucas. that only prove how much of fuck boy he was. of course he had skill's when he had screwed so many women. but this time he was so much slower and gentle i remember  him being like a animal. but his lips moved softly in my skin as he kissed my stomach after he had kissed my nipples. my eyes rolled back as his hot lips moved to waist band of my thongs. he took them away slowly  and blew to my already wet sex. i remember he saying  dirty things last time but he was quiet all i could was hear was his breathing and mine. he teased me with his tongue and made me fly to the heaven as i came into his mouth. he kissed my lips after that. and felled next to me bringing me to his chest. "try to sleep." he whispered. i felt tiredness over take me. 

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