Nate couldn't get her out of his mind after he had saw her first time.


1. one


I was standing inside the metro going home from football practise when i spotted her sitting maybe four feets from me.

Her brown curly hair was on ponytail and she was smiling widely as she held the little kid in her arms all i could hear was the little child giggling as she poked her nose and did funny faces to her. I could see the child wasn't hers because next to her sat older woman who held baby stuff. "Go back to you mummy,okay?" She told to the kid and gave the child to the woman. I couldn't take my eyes of her even though i wanted to stop staring and stop acting like a creep. i secretly wished she would see me but what if she turns to look at me and looks throught me? it would kill me even though i didn't know her. I looked to my shoes and when i took my eyes of the floor and turned back to her direction my eyes met her brown ones. I held my breath as she studied my face we were far away from each others though but still we had eye contact she bite her lip lightly and i felt my heart racing in my chest. The metro stopped and i felt upset because it was my stop i stepped out the metro and noticed that she was still sitting inside. What did i expect that she would had got of in the same stop and we would have talked? No. I have to be realistic. I have no balls. Shes too breathtaking. I walked past the door where i could spot her. She looked at me again and gave me a soft smile before the doorsclosed and the metro was gone. I stood there like a stupid as i saw the back lights of the metro to fade away.

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