Our Secret

"He's nothing to me ok! He's just some player that's a jerk to every girl in this whole school! The teacher just wanted me to help him so I did it for extra credit! Trust me nothing's going on!" But in Darcy's head she was saying to herself, I can't let them know! It's too much to handle and plus they would kill me for going out with a guy that's on our bad side. But Harry's not a bad guy. I wish they could see it. How long can I keep this a secret. It's killing me inside and how long can he hold this secret of ours.


2. chapter 2

Today at three in the afternoon I got a text from Harry and it said hey babe! Can't wait for our date later! Don't wear anything fancy just what wear something casual. I need your address so I can pick you up later. K love see you! <3. I couldn't help but smile at his text but I had to snap out of it. "He's just going to break my heart remember that!" I said to myself. The outfit I wore was a black crop top with high waisted shorts and a black and red flannel with a black beanie to go with it. It was six and Harry texted and said that he is waiting outside. When I went out Harry was standing right in front of his car. When I went up to him he said,"Wow Darcy you look gorgeous." "Really!? I'm just wearing my regular clothes nothing special." "I know. So let's go!" When we were in the car I asked,"Where are we going Harry?" "Somewhere." "Where? Cmon you can tell me!" "I'll tell you when we get there." He stopped the car and it was a carnival. It looked like fun but I have a feeling this is not all of it. The first ride we went on was this huge roller coasts and while we were in line I told him,"Harry I don't know if I'm up to this because I'm really scared of roller coasters." He replied by saying," it's okay I'll be right by your side to hold you when you get scared." I don't know why but that made me feel safe and warm inside. This is a totally different side of Harry no one has ever seen and I really like this side of him. When we went on the ride I was so scared I was shaking but Harry pulled me into his arms to comfort me and it was helping. The next ride I chose it and Harry pointed out the Tunnel of Love ride. So I said why not let's go. We went in line and there were lots of couples there and some of them were kissing and doing all that kind of stuff. I couldn't help but say,"don't you ever want that?" "Want what?" "You know what those people have. Love! Because I know for sure that I would want that someday with the right someone." "I don't know I've never thought about it,but maybe me and you can try it together?" I looked up at him in his eyes and he was being serious about this. "But how do I know that you won't break my heart." "Trust me I would never do that to you. You're special Darcy you helped me find a side of me that I never knew I had." Is he really serious about this. When we were getting into the ride he said," I think we could be something special so would you be my girlfriend and we will be in a real relationship. I didn't know what to say so I didn't I just leaned in for a kiss. When we kissed it wasn't like sparks it was like a fireworks exploding. For the rest of the ride we didn't do anything else but stare into each other's eyes. When we left he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers together. When he dropped me off at home he leaned in for a kiss goodbye but it didn't become a kiss it became a full make out session. But I had to pull away because it was almost 12. It felt so right but how am I going to tell him that this has to be our secret.

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