Our Secret

"He's nothing to me ok! He's just some player that's a jerk to every girl in this whole school! The teacher just wanted me to help him so I did it for extra credit! Trust me nothing's going on!" But in Darcy's head she was saying to herself, I can't let them know! It's too much to handle and plus they would kill me for going out with a guy that's on our bad side. But Harry's not a bad guy. I wish they could see it. How long can I keep this a secret. It's killing me inside and how long can he hold this secret of ours.


1. chapter 1

Today I went to the mall all by myself. It was so nice to be alone for once in my life. I walked into H&M and looked at the new shipment they got yesterday. Just then someone grabbed my waist and I didn't know who it was. When I turned around it was Harry Styles, the #1 player and hottest boy at school. When I looked up I was looking straight into his eyes and it was like he was staring into my soul or something because he just kept staring. "So love what's your name?" He asked. "Why do you want to know." I said with an attitude. "Just tell me your name it won't hurt you!" "Fine, my name is Darcy! So can you go now because I want to shop because that is what I came here for and I think you have some shopping to do too!" He answered by saying,"I think I finished my shopping because I already found what I was looking for." He said looking up and down at me with a smirk, and then a wink. I can't believe he just said that. I rolled my eyes at him because he was getting on my nerves and was getting very annoying. "Ugh you're such a pig know wonder you can't get a girl and if you did get a girl she is probably fucked up and all that shit. All your relationships were probably dumb wait never mind because you've never had a real relationship with anybody because all you do is fuck the girl and leave her like some kind of toy!" "At least I fuck her right. Maybe I can show you how good I am sometime!" "Yea sure maybe sometime next week or something!" I said that sarcastically. "Seriously!" "Hell no, I would never sleep with you id rather go out on a date with you than sleep with you any day!" Then he looked up at me with an evil smirk and said,"So you would go on a date with me instead of sleeping with me!" I replied by saying,"A 100% yes!" "Ok than I will pick you up tomorrow at six! See you later babe!" While he was saying that he was putting his number in my phone and putting my number in his phone. When he left he gave her a wink and let go of my waist. Is this for real? Am I really going to go on a date with Harry Styles?

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