the door


3. two

{next day}

I woke up to my new ringtone: just saying. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was jessica I picked up the phone "hello" i said, probably sounding grumpy af. "hi, you wanna go to the spa with me today" she asked with a cheerfull voice as always. "nah... , i don't really feel like it" "owh come on it will be hellah fun" "no jessica seriously I'm not in the mood". for a second or three she was siilent after that she said "okay,great i'll be there in two" and she hung up.

i stood up and walked towards my wardrobe pulled out my woolen, pink crop-top en my jeans. I walked up to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. i looked horrible..... why? i wondered. yesterday flew back to my brain as if it was on holiday but it decided to come back. As I thought of anna and my dad and I have to admit it made my eyes water once again. luckily i also realized i was overreacting... My dad was only gonna leave for a year and obviously would return. and as far as Anna is concerned we will make up.

I took a quick shower and blowdried my hair. I didn't really have any inspiration for my hair today so I just put it in a messy bun. Since my outfit was very basic I could go big with makeup (which I love). I just did my usual foundation, concealer, powder and blush routine. i put on a coral colored lipgloss, a bunch of mascara and eyeliner. Now it was time for my favorite part of doing makeup: eyeshadow!!! So i did a kind of smokey eye but than using the same stain of pink as my crop top's. I looked in the mirror and was pleased with the result.

I quickly got dressed and grabbed a black hand bag matching my black sneakers I was going to put on. I took a look at the alarm-clock and saw that Jessica was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago. I didn't really mind cause I hadn't even had breakfast yet.

I hopped down the stairs to see Jessica standing there in front of my front door. I laughed and opened it for her. " I stood here for twenty five minutes already!" she yelled at me as I continued laughing at her messed up hair (it was raining outside). "oh..., I forgot to tell you the doorbell doesn't work" "But I called you 18 times too." "wait lemme check" I say as I was still laughing. "ahh..., I see... well my phones volume was completely turned off" "sorryyyyy" I said

She forgave me and we left without me eating breakfast cause she wouldn't let me. But I kept complaining about how hungry I was while we were on our way to the spa. Eventually she gave up and we stopped at some gas station. I quickly bought some gross sandwich but I didn't really mind. It still was food I laughed a little at my own thought.

after we finished the long drive all the way to the spa. we went inside and were greeted by jackson. He was one of our best friend and he works at the spa. Also I might have a itty little pitty crush on him for as long as I can remember... oops. But on the other hand it felt like he was our big brother because he has always been there for us. He ran up to us and hugged us but I guess his run was a little too big so the three of us fell on the ground laughing. "oh my gosh, I missed you girls so much!" Jackson said with his Italian ,also very sexy, accent. "we missed you toooo!" i said very enthusiastic .

We were given a tour through the building since they renovated everything. And it definatly looked stunning. My fave part was the nails section. It really was like heaven 2.0. When the tour was done Jessica headed to the pedicure but I didn't feel like it do I was left here with Jackson.

After a little small talk I told him everything about yesterday. "awh babygirl first of all this is a great opportunity for your father and you guys can skype. I swear it seems harder than it acctually is" " but about Anna you really should go talk to her and by now she has probably realized that she should have never assumed that she was the one coming with you. I think you guys will be fine." he said as be pulled me into a hug "thanks Jack, but I don't think you are correct" I said. "I'm sure I am" he replied. I didn't say anything and simply pulled him even tighter in the hug.

"Jackson I didn't hire you to have fun with your friends, come on over here" I heard the stern voice of Jackson's boss scream.

Jack replied: "I'm sorry!, Imma be there as soon as possible"

Why does his boss have to be such an ass.

I didn't like sitting on this bench, all alone. I felt so vulnerable. Tis arm were the safest place on earth.

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