When Dreams Become Reality

Samantha, a neonatal nurse, is moving to LA to join her best friend, Jessica, private practice. Her life is changed dramatically when she gets casted as an extra for the show Grey's Anatomy. She meets her celebrity crush, Patrick Dempsey. What happens when things start to become more than just being an extra casted in one of the most popular TV dramas.


1. part one

A/N I have also posted this story on wattpad also. I have three other stories. I'm going to post some parts on here and see if people like it then if it goes well I'll post the rest of the parts I have so far.


It is moving day and I can't believe I'm actually leaving beautiful Seattle. I have lived here ever since getting out of college with one of the close friends from high school, Jaimee. We have lived together for five years. We both went into the medical field, me as an neonatal nurse and Jaimee as an orthopedic surgeon. Jaimee is in her first year of residency, so when I told her I was moving to LA to join my former teacher and long time friend Jessica it was hard.

When have lived together for so long and we made a pact to always stay together. One day I get a call from Jessica giving me the offer of a lifetime. I have always been dreaming of this and have wanted to live in California since I was little. This doesn't mean that I don't love Seattle I have always wanted to live her ever since my mom would always tell me that she misses living in Seattle.

Even though I will miss the beauty of Seattle I can't wait to get out of the rain. I miss the fun in the sun. So I am packing up and moving to start my new life and live the dream that I have been waiting for for so long.


I step off the plane and breath in the warm California air I have been waiting for. I then search for Jess I can't wait to see her. We may have a huge gap in age, but we have an amazing relationship.

"Sam!!" I hear someone yell. I turn and see the person I was searching for.

"Jess I have missed you so much!"

"I can't believe you are here! I'm so glad that you are able to join me. It has always been a dream of mine to start a private practice and my mentor from college was retiring and needed someone to take over." she rambled. Lets just say she has a big rambling problem.

"Well I'm glad to see that you still have that rambling problem still there." We head to get my luggage from the luggage collection and head to her house where I will be living until I find somewhere to live. The rest of my stuff will remain in a storage unit in Seattle.


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