When Dreams Become Reality

Samantha, a neonatal nurse, is moving to LA to join her best friend, Jessica, private practice. Her life is changed dramatically when she gets casted as an extra for the show Grey's Anatomy. She meets her celebrity crush, Patrick Dempsey. What happens when things start to become more than just being an extra casted in one of the most popular TV dramas.


9. part 9

It's now two weeks after we have decided to buy the land. Today is my birthday. When I was younger I was always excited about being one year older. Now turning 28 just means that I'm another year closer to 30.

When I was in Seattle Jaimee and I are three days apart we would just hit the clubs. Today all I want to do is stay at home go for a jog and watch movies. So I'm now on my jog seeing the beautiful sunrise. There is no better way to watch the sunrise than seeing it over the ocean.

I then make it back to my house, but I notice that something is different. I grab a water from the fridge and head upstairs to take a shower. I walk into my room and see dozens of bouquets of flowers all over my room. On my bed is a card. I open the card and read it.

'Just wanted to tell my girl happy birthday. Make sure to not have any plans tonight or this weekend because I'm stealing you away. So pack a bag for the weekend and I will pick you up at 7. Love you so much, Patrick xx.'

I can't believe he remembered my birthday was today. I didn't expect anything from him. Well I guess I shouldn't be so surprised he is the king of surprises when it comes to me.


It is now 7 o'clock. There is a knock at my door. 'Strange Patrick doesn't usually knock since I gave him a key.' I thought as I walk over to the door. I open it and see the guy who has made my life so special.

"Happy birthday sweetheart!" he says as he steps inside then pulls me into a long passionate kiss.

"Thank you so much. And the flowers were so beautiful."

"Your welcome I love doing things for you and with it being your birthday you deserve extra special treatment. I need you to put this on because I don't want you finding out your surprise until we get there." he hands me a blindfold.

"Seriously you want me to wear this. It must be something really special."

"Oh it is. Now put it on because we are on a time crunch."


30 minutes later we pull up to what I assume is his surprise. However when he pulls off the blindfold I come face to face with a private jet. This has to be a surprise but where are we going. We only have a weekend so I know we can't be going to far.

"Where are we going?"

"Sorry destination will remain unknown until we get there."

"Ugh you are no fun."

"I'm just trying to make this day special for you because there will be many more special birthdays in the future."


About three hours later we arrive at the surprise destination. When I walk off the plane I recognize where we are instantly.

"What are we doing in Nebraska?"

"Well I thought it would be nice for you to see your family and me to meet them."

"Patrick are you serious this is the best surprise ever thank you." giving him a huge hug and then a loving kiss.

"Well I know you haven't seen your family in a few years because of work commitments and so I called your mom up last week and asked if we could come up and visit."

"So you really want to meet my parents?"

"Well yeah. If you met my mom almost two months ago I think it is time for me to meet your parents."


Two hours later we pull up to the house I haven't seen in three years. I hated missing family events it is so great to be back again. I love my family more than anything in the world and I can't believe Patrick did this for me.

We are walking up to the front door when the door burst open and out walks my mom and dad. My mom immediately pulls me into a hug.

"I missed you so much and I'm so glad you are here. Happy birthday! Were you surprised?" she asks me.

"Oh I defiantly was. When Patrick said we were going away for the weekend I suspected wine country or skiing in Colorado not seeing my family. I'm so glad he did this for me."

"You defiantly were long over due for a visit. Now to the man behind all of this Patrick it is so nice to finally meet you!" pulling him into a hug.

"Well I'm delighted to meet you too both of you. When Sam said she hadn't been home in three years I knew she needed to come here."

"Well I'm sure you are both tired you had a long flight. So you both can go into Sam's room it's all set up and ready for you both and we can go out for lunch in the morning and catch up."


The next morning I wake up to the sun shinning through the blinds of my old room. I lay there in Patrick's arms amazed that he did this for me. I really wanted to come visit my family, but I always got stuck with something at work. That is a big reason why I took the job at the private practice because I would be able to have off for Christmases and Thanksgivings. I also really am glad and thankful Patrick wanted to meet my parents.

I feel Patrick stir next to me. He places a kiss on the back of my head. I know he knows I'm awake but I just want to enjoy this for a little longer. But Patrick has other plans he turns me to face him giving me a kiss.

"Good morning. You happy to be here?"

"Of course I can't believe you did all of this for me."

"I knew how much you wanted to be back here and seeing the smile on your face when we landed here was a smile that I have never seen before and I want to see that many more times."


We are now at lunch. Patrick and my dad are in deep conversation with each other about golf. I'm so glad two of my favorite men are getting along so well.

"Hey babe do you mind if I go golfing with your dad this afternoon?"

"No go right ahead I want to spend time with my mom anyway have fun."


A/N I'm going to interrupt here for a second. I'm going to try something new and going to do Patricks point of view right now because it is really important in this story because something big happens when Patrick and Sam's dad go golfing. So let me know if you like me doing Patricks point of view and want me to do more. I know this chapter is getting long but I really wanted to do this in one shot instead of parts. Ok I'm going to stop talking now and go on with this story.


Patrick's POV

I'm golfing with Sam's dad. It seems very strange to say that. After my dad died I always missed having him around to talk to. We were the only men of the house. I'm actually really glad that I'm getting close to Sam's dad because I really need to ask him something and I really hope he says yes.

We are at hole fourteen and we only have four more holes to go. I better do this before it is too late. I turn to him and say "Can I ask you something?"


"Okay I really really love Sam and I see a future with her. I promise to always be there for her and love her till the day I die. Ever since I met her I have always felt like I was on cloud nine. I can't believe I have her in my life and I'm so lucky to have her. She has such a big heart. She always told me family was the number one thing to her. She works as a neonatal nurse and she saves premature babies lives and it is hard for someone to see a baby so small and not knowing if they will live to see another day. So I want Sam to be in my future and to have kids together. So I really wanted to ask you in person if I could please ask her to marry me."

"Of course! I have seen the way you both look at each other and how much you both care for each other so yes you may ask my daughter to marry you."


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