When Dreams Become Reality

Samantha, a neonatal nurse, is moving to LA to join her best friend, Jessica, private practice. Her life is changed dramatically when she gets casted as an extra for the show Grey's Anatomy. She meets her celebrity crush, Patrick Dempsey. What happens when things start to become more than just being an extra casted in one of the most popular TV dramas.


5. part 5

The next morning I wake up with the sound of my phone alerting me that I have a new text. I sit up a stretch my arms to wake up then grab my phone and I'm not surprised that it is a text from him.

Patrick: Hey I was thinking about coming over and going for a run on the beach and then making you breakfast how does that sound.

Me: Sounds amazing the beach look perfect right now I was just thinking about going for a run. See you in a few love you!

Patrick: Ok I'm on my way see you in ten love you too!

After last night I was so glad that he was so understanding and respectful I something I believe in a lot. I was so nervous about how he was going to react. I have date guys before who just break up with me once I tell them that little detail and I really love Patrick and I can picture a future with him. I was so happy that he understood and I was no longer worried that he would leave me because I won't give him sex.

I then throw on a sports bra and running shorts. While tying my running shoes the door bell rings. I run downstairs to let patrick in. He gives me a kiss then says, "Wow you look hot. Ready for our run?"

"Defiantly I'm so glad you suggested running with me." giving him one last kiss before running out the back door onto the beach.


We walk back into my house I head to the fridge and grab two water bottles. I hand one to Patrick and say, "That was amazing we should do that more often."

"We defiantly need to do that. Do you mind if I take a shower?" he asks.

"No it's no problem I will take one after you."

"Ok I will be back then I will make you breakfast while you shower." he says giving me a quick kiss before heading upstairs.


After both of us shower I walk downstairs and see Patrick in my kitchen cooking. He doesn't notice me so I walk over to him wrapping my arms around his waist from behind.

"Hmm that feels nice." he says turning around to face me.

I smile up at him and lean my head up to his lips to kiss him while sliding one of my hands into his back pocket leaving something in his pocket that I have been wanting to do for awhile.

"What in the world?" feeling the heaviness of the object in his back pocket. He reaches into his back pocket pulling a key while eyeing me suspiciously.

"Don't worry I'm not asking you to move in with me because I'm not ready for that. I just wanted to give you your own key to my house so that you don't have to ring the doorbell every time you come over."

"Ok good because after last night I didn't think you wanted to move in together and to be honest I would love to live together but we are defiantly not ready for that. Plus I thought it was against your religion to live together before marriage."

"It is but that is one of the things I don't truly believe in as much as sex outside of marriage, but I rather move in with someone if we were engaged."

He looks at me with a shocked expression. I quickly add, "but not anytime soon because we just started dating and we are still getting to know each other."

"Ok good. It's not that I don't want to marry you because I do want to someday I see a future with you and I agree with you that we are still getting to know each other. That is why I was going to ask you if you would go with me to Maine and meet my mom. I have my annual Dempsey Challenge next weekend and I thought it would be a great way for you to meet my mom."

"I would have to see if I could get off work but I defiantly would love to go with you and meet your mom." He gives me a loving smile and kisses me passionately.

Thoughts are immediately running through my mind 'Oh my god I'm meeting his mom she is one of the most important person in his life!'

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