When Dreams Become Reality

Samantha, a neonatal nurse, is moving to LA to join her best friend, Jessica, private practice. Her life is changed dramatically when she gets casted as an extra for the show Grey's Anatomy. She meets her celebrity crush, Patrick Dempsey. What happens when things start to become more than just being an extra casted in one of the most popular TV dramas.


4. part 4

We have been dating for a month and have managed to do it in secret, but tonight that was going to end as I was going with Patrick to the golden globe awards. To be honest I was so excited to be able to be there and support him. He was up for best male actor in a drama series and the show was you for best tv drama. I was a little nervous about going public with our relationship because I love having our relationship private and only our close friends and family knowing.

'Ding dong' It was time for me to put those worries aside because it was time to go. I open the door and my breath is taken away Patrick looks so good in a suit.

"Wow you certainly clean up nice." I say giving him a kiss.

"So do you, ready?"

"Yeah lets do this!" We get into the limo and I instantly start getting my worries back. Patrick notices and immediately comforts me.

"Babe it going to be ok. I really don't care what anyone says about us because I love you." he says caressing my cheek with his hand.

I smile and kiss him. "Thank you I just needed to hear that and I love you too."

We than arrive at the red carpet he gives me one last kiss and gets out of the limo. He then turns and helps me out as well. I'm immediately in shock at the amount of people and flash that is going on. Patrick then takes my hand and whisper in my ear, "It's ok I'll be right there the whole time."

We then go along the red carpet side by side taking pictures. When we get to E! news they immediately ask Patrick for an interview. He turns to me and I nod and say, "Go I will be fine I will just stand over there."

"No come with me I said I would be right beside you the whole time."

When then head over to E! news hand in hand. I take a deep breath and tell myself I can do this.

"Patrick it is so good to see you. And who is this lovely lady next to you?" asks the E! correspondent.

"This is my lovely girlfriend, Samantha." says Patrick giving me a loving smile.

"Wow I didn't know you were dating someone. How did you guys meet?"

"Well actually on the show. She was casted as an extra and I was heading into hair and makeup right as she was walking out and we ran into each other literally. But it was seriously one of the best days of my life. I love her and I'm just happy to have her by my side."

"Well that's great to have that special person in your life beside you. Now you are nominated for best actor in a drama series and the show is nominated for best tv drama correct?"

"Yes and Ellen is also nominated for best actress in a tv drama so we have a busy night ahead of us."

"You certainly do and congratulations and it was so nice to meet you Samantha hope to see you more in the future."

"Thank you." replies Patrick and we walk away and finish the rest of the red carpet.

We finally head inside for the award show. I am so relieved that the red carpet is over. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. We are sitting at the table with the rest of the cast talking and having a great time. I have formed great friendships with the cast we are all like family.

Patrick then leans over and whispers in my war, "Thank you for being here. I am so glad I get to share this with you I love you." he then gives me a loving kiss on the lips.

It is now time for best actor in a drama series. the show and Ellen already won in their categories. The presenter then announces that Patrick has won and the whole table erupts in applause he then hugs everyone and then turns to me and kisses me he pulls away and I say I love you and he smiles and says I love you too.

That night we head back to my place and relax on the couch watching tv. He then turns to me and starts kissing me passionately. His tongue begs for entrance which I grant. The next thing I know is he is removing my shirt I instantly break apart from him.

"W-what what's wrong?" he asks concern filling his eyes.

"I'm sorry but I can't." I turn away and look at floor he then takes my chin and tilts it to him.

Looking into my eyes with love he asks, "Why did I do something wrong?"

"No it's just that I'm catholic and I believe in waiting to have sex until marriage I'm sorry you didn't do anything wrong. I just made a promise to God that I would wait until marriage. It's ok if you want to break up with me because I can't give you sex." I then begin to cry. He then embraces me and comforts me as I cry.

"Shh it's ok I totally understand and I'm not going to break up with you. I love you and I totally respect your beliefs and I will do anything for you because I love you."

I then look up into his eyes and reply, "Really?"

"Yes of course I love you."

"I love you too, thank you."


A/N sorry to disappoint you but yes I do believe in waiting until marriage to have sex. I promise you that I will give you sex in the future, but right now I will be refraining from it.

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