When Dreams Become Reality

Samantha, a neonatal nurse, is moving to LA to join her best friend, Jessica, private practice. Her life is changed dramatically when she gets casted as an extra for the show Grey's Anatomy. She meets her celebrity crush, Patrick Dempsey. What happens when things start to become more than just being an extra casted in one of the most popular TV dramas.


10. part 10

After the weekend in Nebraska visiting my family Patrick and I are closer than we ever have been. I have been opening up more about my past and what I went through in school as a kid.

When I was younger I wasn't the skinny person I am today. I was overweight weighing just under 200 pounds. I never broke 200 but during my junior year I came very close to it. During the summer between my junior and senior year was the start of turning my life around for the better. Now I may only lost 15 pounds but I couldn't remember the last time I weighed under 190.

I never had a boyfriend in high school. Now it wasn't like I was awkward around them or didn't talk to them. My class for the most part was close especially during our senior year. We were a small class and over the years we lost the people who were the trouble makers and who weren't the nicest to me.

I have never opened up about that kind of stuff to anyone ever. I mean my friends from high school all knew about it because they went through it but my friends and boyfriends after high school didn't know anything about it. They all thought I was that popular skinny person in high school.

When I told Patrick it was very hard. Of course he started asking questions after seeing pictures of me from high school at my parents house but I didn't tell him the whole story until we got back to LA.

Now a month has gone by and Patrick and I are going to France for his race at LeMans. We were going to be there for three weeks. Normally it would only be a two week trip but we decided to stay an extra week to see Paris and London.

I'm in my bathroom packing my toiletries when Patrick comes walking in.

"Ok we are officially checked in so that's one less thing we have to do when we get there."

"Good. I'm almost done here I just need to grab my stuff for my carryon then I will be ready."

"I actually wanted to give you some things since you have never been to one of my races and you need some Dempsey Racing gear." He then hands me a bunch of tshirts and two jackets with Dempsey Racing on it.

"One of the jackets has my name and number on the back."

"Now I will be able to blend in with the team."

"Well you are a part of the team and you will look sexy wearing it." He says giving me a wink and a smirk.


We have now been on the plane for 8 hours including our stop in Washington DC to change flights. I'm watching a movie on my iPad while Patrick is watching video on his competitors who will be racing against him.

All of the sudden he leans over and grabs on of my ear buds and puts it in his ear and grabs the iPad so he can see it too. He puts his arm around me and I cuddle up to him. We continue to watch the movie as I drift off to sleep.

A few hours later I wake up still in Patricks arms but now he is also asleep and we now have a blanket draped over us. I look up at him and watch him sleep. With us not living together and hardly ever sleeping in the same bed unless we go out of town I don't ever get to do this. He is so cute when he sleeps. The way his nose twitches and how he has his mouth wide open deeply breathing with some drool running out of the corner of his mouth.

After watching him for a good 15 minutes I decide that I need to go to the bathroom unfortunately I would have to wake my cute sleeping boyfriend so that I can get out.

"Hey babe sorry to wake you but I need to go to the bathroom." I say waking him up. It takes a few minutes for him to comprehend what I said.

"It's ok." He says unbuckling his seatbelt and letting me out.

Once I am back from the bathroom we talk about the race and family.

"I really am glad I got to get to know your dad. I haven't had a dad for years and it's really nice to he able to have that father figure to talk to."

"You guys must have really talked during your golf game."

"Yeah we did and I got...never mind." Stopping himself from revealing his secret.

"No tell me. You two are two of my favorite men in the world tell me."

"We just talked about you. Don't worry about it."

"Me? Why me?"

"Really it's nothing. He just told me not to hurt you and can see that I really care for you."

"Wow since when has my dad gone soft. I don't picture him saying that."

"Well he was right because I do really love you."

"I love you too." Giving him a kiss.


It is now race day. I can't help but feel nervous that something will happen to Patrick. If there was one sport that freaked me out it would be racing. I do however love seeing his eyes light up when he talks about racing.

We are in our hotel room getting ready to go to the track. I pack a small bag to put in the trailer since the race is 24 hours long and will be spending the whole time there.

"Hey babe can you grab my toothbrush from the bathroom." I ask as he walks into the bathroom most likely getting something for himself too.

"Here you go babe. Need any help I'm all set." He asks wrapping his arms around my waist from behind setting his chin on my shoulder.

"Nope I'm all set."

He then turns me around and starts kissing me which then turns into a full on make out session.

We eventually break apart and I ask, "What was that for?"

"I won't be able to kiss you like that for the next 24 hours I wanted to take full advantage."

"Well I'm all for it."

"I love you and would love to stay here all day with you but we have to go."

"I know and I would love to spend the day with you too but that is what the next week is for."


It was now nearing the end of the race. It has been a long 24 hours but Patrick was in the car right now in 3rd. He worked really hard to get on the podium and was doing the same trying to keep 3rd.

The white flag begins to fly signaling one more lap. I was listening to the radio as Patrick talks to the spotter and Joe schooling him to just drive hard. They come around the final turn and cross the finish line.

"Yes we're on the podium! That was for you baby!" Patrick yells into the microphone.

I laugh he is so cute when he gets all excited it is seriously the most adorable thing ever. He is like a little kid on Christmas morning.

We head down to victory lane where Patrick would come out of his car. We arrive to victory lane and we all wait for Patrick to come out of the car. When Patrick comes out of the car everyone yells. He spots me and comes up to me and lifts me up into his arms giving the biggest hug ever. He ends the hug with a passionate kiss.

Once he sets me down he whispers in my ear, "You are everything to me thank you for being here and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me I love you."


It was our last night in London. We spent three days in Paris which was a blast shopping and seeing the Eiffel Tower. We are now on the London Eye. It is late at night so there is hardly anyone on it. We are in a private cab. The next thing I know Patrick is not standing next to me anymore. I turn around and see him on the ground kneeling in front of me.

"Sam everyday that I have known you have been the best. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I thank you for giving me a new view on life. I want to have you by my side through every race, premiere, sickness, and happy moments. Will you do the honor of making me the happiest man in the world and marry me?"

I'm literally in tears. This totally took me off guard. I was at lost for words.

"YES! Of course I will marry you!"

He then stood up with a huge smile on his face and kissed me with all he had. He slipped the ring on my finger it was gorgeous it was nothing to big but it was small it was so perfect. I was literally on cloud 9.


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