Ain't life just awesome?

My name is Angel, when i turned seventeen, my brother and sister told me that i'm apart of a world full of mythical creatures.
a couple days later a boy named Thomas, something about him was a little off.
a few days after we met i saw myself running after him then ending up in a huge time-travel mess.


3. Their Secret.

They sat down in front of me on the love-seat while I sat down in my recliner.

"So, let's get to the point here. I walked in on you to kissing, now I'm freaking mad that there is something that y'all aren't telling me. So spill it or, Summer I wont be responsible for what happens to one of your favorite pairs of shoes, and Austin I wont be responsible for what happens to your Mustang." I said with an evil grin on my face.

"We have been dating since mom and died." Austin said.

"Wow, so y'all started dating right after they died or did y'all at least wait then start dating?"

"Okay here is how it went," summer paused. "After mom's funeral and dad's funeral I got really drunk and Austin walked in on me about to kill myself, he stopped me and we started to kiss, that night we had sex. After that night we knew we had feeling for each other, so we started dating. Well fast forward to when you're fourteen, Austin proposed. The-"

"Wait, so every time I would ask you why you're wearing a ring on your wedding ring finger and you would say you just like wearing rings on that finger, it was a lie?" I asked, not even caring about the next part she was gonna say.

"Yes and no." she said.

"Okay, I'm done here. I gotta get out of this house before I kill myself or go crazy."

"Don't do anything you'll regret." Summer said.

"Yeah whatever." I said then get up and put on some shoes and grab my keys and leave the house.

When I get inside my car I start the car and turn up the volume on the radio and start to drive, not knowing where I'm gonna go.


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