Ain't life just awesome?

My name is Angel, when i turned seventeen, my brother and sister told me that i'm apart of a world full of mythical creatures.
a couple days later a boy named Thomas, something about him was a little off.
a few days after we met i saw myself running after him then ending up in a huge time-travel mess.


1. Let Me Be Me!

"Are you even listening to me?!" My sister, Summer, yelled at me when she noticed I wasn't listening to her banter on and on about stuff I don't care about.

"Yes." I lied.

"Okay, well then she started to make out with him then they went upstairs to her room and..." I really didn't care to listen about what they did next, mainly because I just ate.

So let's get to the point, I'm Destiny Angel Morgan. But my friends call me Angel. So I'm sixteen (turning seventeen in two weeks) and I live with my sister Summer, and my brother Austin.

My parents died when I was ten years old, and so my older brother and sister have been taking care of me.

"Hey Summer, I'm gonna go home." I said when we just left one of the stores in the mall.

"WHAT?! No, you are not!" She said while tugging me to Claire's.

"No, not Claire's. How about Spencer's?"

"You can go there, but I'm going in here." She said then walked inside into Claire's and I walked to Spencer's. 


After we bought almost the whole mall, we went home.The car ride home we were telling each other what we bought. Once we were home I carried my stuff up to my room and put it all away.

"I'm home!" My brother Austin yelled from downstairs.


Sorry the chapter is short, I'll try to make 'em longer as the story goes on. PLEASE comment & like, even if you don't like just comment and say what I need to improve!  XOXO parislovebug

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