Soft Whispers

This is just some of my poetry I have been writing and what I do write. There is no sequence of the book. I call it soft whispers because most my poetry is what whispers in my brain to come out and form into art.
I hope you guys enjoy <3


3. The Me With You

I used to write poetry about the rain

How it made me think of your eyes

A crystal green moon you could fall for in a second 

The kind of eyes you want to get to know 

To find out where they've been and how harmed they are 


Id watch you never break 

Those crystal green eyes showing the pain you followed around

but you'd let me cry until my pain was gone 

even though you thought tears where weak 

you let me lay my head on your shoulders

Once I stared into your eyes and see everything was okay 

I was okay because you were okay and if you were okay I was okay

I never though id learn what you went through 

But I love you so much more for it now


After a year of not seeing you

I still break at the mention of your name 

and not just because you were my love 

But because you showed me you were a good person 

and good people deserved to be remembered 


Now I listen to the thunder 

Watching the lightning

Feel the drops of cold fall on my soft warm skin

Realizing how untouched I have became 

I let myself feel so deeply while thunder rawrs 

Letting it be my cry Ill never show a soul 


The rain has become my cover 

Of hiding the me I became with you 







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