Soft Whispers

This is just some of my poetry I have been writing and what I do write. There is no sequence of the book. I call it soft whispers because most my poetry is what whispers in my brain to come out and form into art.
I hope you guys enjoy <3


2. Promise to I

Boys will open you and throw out 

We could all fight that theres guys better then that 

But the truth is 

That people as humans will tear off your clothes suck in your breath 

Kiss your body and intertwine theirs with yours 

As humans we crave the satisfaction


So as I write 

I write it not to tear you down 

but to promise myself 

That I will never use another human as a shield of emotion 

I will never let another human tear off my clothes using me for their own needs

When my needs arent noticed 


And you can say this is not a poem 

But it is my poem 

That love and sex get abused everyday 

Sex is not love 

Love is not sex

and iam not a toy 




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