No Escape

"There's no escape for us." Phil and Dan are kidnapped and held for ransom in an abandoned warehouse. (Blurb in progress.) Cover created by Lady Tatertot.


5. Day Two

Dan's POV:

Every time the door opens, I think it's Gray and an extreme feeling of panic washes over me. It was always just Tom or Jack, though. I couldn't sleep last night. I was too scared. Phil went out like a light. My left arm was aching from having to stay up in the air so long. I sighed and leaned against the wall. The door creaked open and Gray, Tom, and Jack stepped into the room. I pressed myself against the wall when I saw Gray, my heart racing. Tom and Jack were both holding wooden clubs.

"You know what to do," Gray said. When Gray left, Tom and Jack stepped closer to us. "When we start hitting the wall, pretend to scream," Tom whispered. I nodded and shook Phil awake. I told him what was going on and he nodded to show he understood. When they started hitting the wall, Phil and I both cried out in 'pain'. After a little while, they stopped and attached their clubs to their belts. "Thank you," I murmured. Tom nodded. "Don't thank us too soon. Our dad's coming down to see you guys later. I think he has some unpleasant things planned," Jack said quietly. Then they left.

I could hear Phil's heavy breathing. That meant he was scared. I wouldn't have felt this uneasy by that fact if Phil hadn't been older than me. "Hey. We're going to be fine, Phil. We'll get out of this," I murmured. Phil shook his head. "No we won't. Our parents can't afford to pay the ransom. Remember what he said? If they don't pay, they won't ever see us again. That means he'll kill us," he sobbed. I wrapped my free arm around him and murmured comforting words into his ear, rocking back and forth. His breathing began to slow and he wrapped his arm around me. We sat there in the musty darkness, waiting for Gray to come.

Later that Day-

Phil's POV:

The door opened and I could see Gray in front of the doorway. Remembering what Jack said earlier, I wrapped my arm around Dan protectively. My heart beat faster and faster as he walked up to us. He took off our handcuffs and grabbed us by the back of our shirts so we couldn't get away. He brought us up to another room in the house.

He made us sit down on the floor in front of an old tv. "Check this out. You're in the news," he said hastily. He switched on the tv and a young, female reporter appeared on the screen.

"Philip Michael Lester, age 28, and Daniel James Howell, age 23, were kidnapped from the apartment they shared on the night of March 25th, 2015. Both families received phone calls from the kidnappers who demanded $200,000 for each of them in order for them to be returned. The two families immediately called the police, who have started an investigation to search for the two men. People from all around the world are sending money to the two families to enable Dan and Phil's safe return."

A clip from an interview appeared on the screen. The people being interviewed were our moms. "The reaction is simply overwhelming. In less than two days from our sons' disappearances, $90,000 has been sent to us," my mom said. It switched back to the reporter.

Well, there you go, folks. The return of these two popular British Youtubers may happen sooner than anticipated. Next o-

​She was cut off by Gray switching off the tv. He turned to us, smirking. "Looks like I will be getting my money. Soon, by the sound of things. I didn't know you two were so popular." I stared at the tv screen in shock. Then, I smiled. "Neither did we."

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