No Escape

"There's no escape for us." Phil and Dan are kidnapped and held for ransom in an abandoned warehouse. (Blurb in progress.) Cover created by Lady Tatertot.


6. Day Three

Dan's POV:

Down here in the dark, it's hard to tell how long we'd been here. I think it's been about three days. The words of the news reporter were still ringing in my ears. I couldn't believe how fast people responded! "Dan? You awake?" I heard Phil whisper. "Yeah," I replied. I heard him sigh and he moved a bit closer to me. "I think we're gonna be freed," he said quietly. Even though I couldn't see Phil's face, I knew he was smiling. I smiled too. "I hope so Phil, I hope so."

A couple of minutes later the door opened and Tom came into the room. "Dad wants to see you two again." he said as he walked over to us and uncuffed our hands. I rubbed my sore wrist as did Phil. I helped him up and we walked out together. I squinted at the brightness. Being in a windowless basement does that to you. Tom led us down a set of stairs that went even deeper than the basement. My heart leaped into my throat and I grabbed Phil's shoulder. 

The deeper we went, the darker it got. I heard rats scuttling and water dripping. "It smells like something died down here," Phil said, gagging. Tom turned to us, his face grim. "Something did," he said. I squeezed Phil's shoulder harder and I felt him wince. I loosened my grip but I didn't let go. Tom led us into a large room dimly lit by a line of flickering lights. Shackles lined one wall. Chairs with cuffs lined the other. Gray stood in the middle of it all, holding a remote, his face covered by a shadow. He pointed at the seats and Tom dragged us over to them, forcing us to sit down. With the push of a button, the cuffs closed over our wrists and ankles. "From now on you'll be held down here. Complain and you'll suffer the consequences. Understood?" he said. Phil nodded. 

I glared at my feet, refusing to move. Gray walked over to me and punched me in the stomach. I grunted and doubled over. "I said, 'understood'?" he said, his voice dangerously quiet. "Fine," I growled. Gray straightened and headed for the stairs leading back up. As Tom followed him, he looked at us sympathetically before heading up the stairs. "You okay, Dan?" Phil asked. I nodded, my eyes closed. "Man, for an old guy, Tom's dad is strong," I said.

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