No Escape

"There's no escape for us." Phil and Dan are kidnapped and held for ransom in an abandoned warehouse. (Blurb in progress.) Cover created by Lady Tatertot.


8. Day Five

Dan's POV:

The rain poured down harder through the thick canopy of trees. I could hear them shouting as they chased us. My heart beat faster and faster as I ran. I looked behind me to see that our pursuers were Gray, Tom, and Jack, and Gray was carrying a gun. Phil ran by my side. He looked at me, his eyes wide with terror. He opened his mouth to say something when a gunshot rang through the the night. Phil's body went rigid and he collapsed on the ground, a blossom of crimson spreading over his shirt, a bullet wound above his heart. His eyes stares off blankly, and I screamed.

My eyes shot open as the nightmare came to an end. I had broken into a cold sweat and I held back a sob. My thoughts immediately turned to Phil and I whirled around. He was still asleep in his chair, his head slumped forward. A smile was playing on his lips. I wanted to reach out to him, to touch him, to make sure he was real. But I couldn't. I looked at Phil again and a feeling of sadness overcame me.

I couldn't believe I'd snapped at him like that last night. He hadn't said anything wrong; in fact, he'd been telling the truth. I'm always saying and doing stupid stuff that gets us in trouble. I'd had that same nightmare every night, but yesterday was the only time I'd woken up screaming. I shuddered as I imagined that dream becoming a reality. 

Phil grunted and his eyes fluttered open. He yawned and sat up. "Morning sleepy-head," I said, smiling. Phil cocked his head to the side. "'re not mad at me?" he asked tentatively. I bit my lip, holding back tears. I managed to shake my head. "I should be the one who's worried about that," I muttered. Phil gave me a reassuring smile and I knew everything was okay between us again.

Tom and Jack appeared at the bottom of the staircase, each of them carrying a flashlight. Jack had a backpack and a set of keys danglingfrom his belt. He knelt in front of me and started to unlock the cuffs on my legs. "What're you doing?" I hissed, looking at the entrance. I was sure that Gray would come down any minute, and who knows what he would do then. Tom followed my gaze and chuckled. "Do you really think we're that stupid to try and help you escape if our dad was here?" he said, smirking.

My heart began to beat faster. We were going to do it! We were going to escape! Jack finished unlocking my cuffs and I got up, rubbing my sore wrists and ankles. When Jack freed Phil, I ran over to him and wrapped him in a tight hug. I didn't want to let go. After a little while, Tom and Jack looked a little uncomfortable. "Uh, Dan? You can let go now," Phil said gently. When we broke apart, I got a glance of his face. He'd lost a lot of weight and there were bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. "You look terrible," I laughed, trying to keep my voice from breaking. "Speak for yourself, Dan."

Jack handed me the backpack. "This has enough food and water in it to last a few days. We'll take you two in our jeep a few miles away. From there, keep walking until you see a barn. You'll be safe there until we call the police," he said. Phil stiffened. "You aren't coming with us?" he asked. Tom shook his head. "You have to! What'll your dad do when he comes back and finds us gone?!" I asked frantically. Tom smiled dryly. "We'll see what happens when we get there," he said.

I opened my mouth to retort, but Jack put a hand on my shoulder. "Every thing will be fine, Dan. Trust me," he said, smiling reassuringly. I nodded grudgingly and they led us up the winding staircase. The light bulbs on the ceiling flickered ominously and I grabbed Phil's shoulder, taking deep, shaky breaths. We approached the door at the top and Jack unlocked it. I squinted at the sudden brightness. After my eyes adjusted, I saw that we were in a small kitchen. A clock above the stove read 7:00 am. 

"We need to hurry; he'll be back soon," Jack said. As we made our wah to the front door, we passed the door that led down to the basement where we had been held. My heart leapt into my throat and Phil and I went a little faster. We went out the front door, which led to a long and winding dirt driveway. We were surrounded by trees on all sides and it was pouring rain. We were soaking wet before we reached the jeep. We all piled in and started driving away. We heard a loud crash behind us behind us and saw Gray getting out of a car, a gun in hand. A shot echoed through the air and the back left wheel hissed as it lost air. Jack cursed to himself as the jeep began to swerve wildly.

Just when it looked like the jeep would crash, Jack slammed his foot on the breaks and the jeep came to a stuttering halt. We all got out and I felt something whizz past me, grazing my ear. I touched it and felt blood. "Run!" Tom screamed, his eyes wide. He didn't need to ask twice. As we ran, the rain fell down harder through the thick canopy of trees. Wind howled and the drops stung as they hit my face. ​ No. No!! It's my dream!​ I thought, a feeling of panic growing in my chest. 

I looked at Phil and he looked at me, his eyes wild with fear. Another shot boomed and Phil's body jerked. He collapsed to his knees. "NO!!" I screamed, tears streaming down my face. Tom grabbed my arm. "Dan, we have to keep going!" Jack shouted, his wet, ginger hair plastered to his face. I wrenched out of their grips and ran towards Phil. He was on his hands and knees, his entire body shaking. His eyes were wide and blankly staring.

Gray appeared out of the rainy haze. His eyes were filled with rage and he was panting. "I've had enough of you two!" he growled. Grabbing Phil's by the hair, he dragged him to his feet and pressed the barrel of the gun against Phil's head, preparing to shoot. A burning rage ran through me and I tackled him to the ground. Phil collapsed again and I grabbed the gun from Gray's hand. I pointed it at him, my whole body trembling with rage.

Phil looked at me, his eyes filled with pain. Dan…don't…please…" he moaned, clutching his chest. I looked at Phil and Gray and back again. I lowered the gun and tossed it away as far as I could. Gray scrambled to his feet and ran off. I knelt down by Phil. "C'mon, Phil. You need to get up," I said. "J...just leave me, Dan. I...I'll only slow you down," he stammered, his teeth gritted in pain. "Never," I growled. I helped him to his feet and he pit his arm around my shoulders for support. 

Jack and Tom were no where to be seen; they must have gone on ahead. Phil and I ran together through the rain. Phil stumbled a few times, but I kept him on his feet. I panted as the road grew rougher. Finally, I spotted a run-down barn through the dense trees. The door was ajar and I kicked it open the rest of the way. There were no animals inside, just bails of hay. Tom and Jack sprang up from the ones they had been sitting on.

"Hey, are you guys okay?" Tom asked. I shook my head; I couldn't bring myself to speak. I helped Phil sit down against one of the bails. Tom saw his chest and his face paled. "Oh my…" His voice trailed off and he turned away, his fist against his mouth. Jack pulled a phone out of his back pocket and dialed. Phil's eyes began to close. I knelt down beside him and shook his shoulder. "No Phil. You need to stay awake," I said softly. He moaned. "But I want to......" "NO!!" I shouted, a tremor in my voice. "You can't close your eyes. won't wake up." My voice broke. Phil's eyes softened and he sat up straighter.

"So, keep me awake," he said, smiling. At that moment, Jack hung up the cellphone and walked over. "An ambulance should be here in about 10 minutes," he said. I nodded and turned back to Phil. "Can...can I ask you something Dan?" Phil asked nervously. I nodded. "When you woke up...screaming, What we're you dreaming about?" My lip quivered and tears welled up in my eyes. "I dreamed that you were.....dead," I murmured. Phil twisted his face in a way that showed he was trying not to cry.

He grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. "I'm not going anywhere," he said. I put my head on his shoulder and he put his head on mine. "You're my best friend Phil. I can't lose you," I whispered. Phil bit his lip. "I know, Dan. Like I said, I'm not going anywhere," he said. I smiled.

A/N: There you go, my lovelies. I finally updated! It took me three days to write, so I hope you like it. Don't forget to comment, like, and fave! Thanks!


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