How far would you go for someone you love?


9. 9

         We were at Will and Jessica`s wedding and it was truly beautiful. I was her maid of honor. Ever since high school ended and she came to live with Will we have been such good friends. J stood across from me as he was Will`s best man. The reception lasted for about an hour and then the party was extremely fun. Me and Harry sat at the table next to Will and Jessica, J and his fiance Miranda sat with us. They did all the toasting, we ate, we danced, and we had fun. During the dance I snuck around and found Will dancing with Jess.
    " Hey guys."
    " Hey Ali." Jess said.
    " I hate to be a bother but can I borrow Will for a quick dance?"
    " And can I get the honor to dance with the bride?" Harry came into the conversation and asked. They both nodded yes and Harry took Jess` hand and Will took mine.
     I set my hand on Will`s shoulder and grabbed his other hand while he put his hand on my back ans grabbed my hand.
    " I`m happy for you Will, extremely."
    "  Thanks Ali. I know this couldn`t of had been done without your help with Jess, we really appreciate the time you put into this."
    " Hey you`re my best friend, I need to." We laughed and danced for a little more.
    " There`s something I want to tell you Will."
    " What that I look insanely handsome and you wanna marry me now?"
    " Oh in your dreams Will." We laughed at the jokes we made.
    " What is it?"
    " Well you are the first to know, Harry and I are having a baby."
    " WHAT!"
    " Will shh."
    " You`re pregnant?"
    " Yes."
    " God Ali I`m so proud of you!"
    " Thanks Will. I love you, forever."
    " I love you to Ali, forever."
    " I`ll talk to you later I gotta go find my husband before he sweeps your bride away."
    " That won`t be good."
 Will and I went and found Jess and Harry, I returned Will in exchange for Harry.
    " Ali."
    " Yes Will?"
    " Can I tell her?"
    " Yes remember no one can know."
 He nodded and Harry and I went back to our seats and talked.
    " Remember when this was us two years ago Al?"
    " Yes, so in love and so perfect and it`s still like that."
    " I love you Alison even when I`m dead."
    " I love you to Harry and I`ll never stop loving you with all my heart and all my soul."
 I kissed Harry and remensed on our little eternity we have spent together and pictured our millenniums together, with every kiss, every child, every hug and every ' I love you'.


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