How far would you go for someone you love?


8. 8

* 4 years later * " Harry did you get my text about Will and Jessica`s wedding? We have to be there Friday night at three p.m. So we are going to be at the airport at around eleven a.m." " Yes I did, and where is it again?" " Frog Pond Village in Tranverse city, Michigan." " Why are they having it in Michigan?" " Because Michigan is beautiful." " Alright, oh and did you forget something?" " No Harry I have forgotten nothing." I turned around and grabbed a small box and handed it to Harry. " I thought no presents?" " I had to." " Good cause I got you one too." He handed me a small box and I held it in my hands. " Go babe, I want you to open your`s first." I smiled and opened the small box and at first glance I might have fainted. It was a necklace with a heart with diamonds covering it. " Harry, it`s beautiful!" " I had to get you something so beautiful it would makeup about twenty percent of how beautiful you are." I had tears in my eye`s, I looked at Harry and kissed him. I stepped back and looked at him. Looking at my present and my future, my perfect husband. " Open yours. I`m pretty sure you`ll like it." He smiled and pulled the blue and pink ribbon off it and pulled the top of the square box off. It was a massive watch from Micheal Kors. " I love it!" " It`s engraved on the back." He turned it over and read the small lettering. ' I love you with all my two hearts.' " Two hearts?" I nodded and put my hand on my stomach and smiled. " I`m pregnant Harry." He put the watch down and leaned against the counter top. " You`re pregnant?" I nodded and smiled widely. His eye`s went wide and he opened his mouth smiling and shouting. He picked me up and spun me around. " How long have you known?" " For about three weeks. I wanted to wait til now to tell you." He smiled and I could see tears forming in his eye`s. " You are the best thing that`s ever happened to me Alison." " I love you Harry, so much words can`t even explain."
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