How far would you go for someone you love?


7. 7

     I woke up tied to a chair in a room that was dark with the only source of light coming from the air draft under a door. I looked around to see the dim litted bottles of chemicals and a bucket of liquid substance. The smell was like no other, it was a mix between strong chemicals and dirtiness, obviously the chemicals were used for everything other then cleaning. I had duct tape around my wrist and thought quickly back to Girl Scouts when they taught us about removing duct tape. I started to lick around and get my tongue under the bandaged tape. It started to loosen and I used all my muscle to break it apart. I got it off and unwrapped my ankles. I slightly open the door and get a cooling of air, I stuck my head out and saw no one. No lively filled person, only oxygen breathing entity was rat`s, about three. I didn`t mind them, just ignored them. I ran across the room to the other door. I opened it just to where I could peak my head in, I looked around and saw Harry in the middle of them room unconscious and a man sleeping at the desk with a hat over his face. I creeped thru and went over to Harry and looked at him. He had blood falling from his head and eye brow and his lip. He was cut with a knife it looks like on his cheek. I started to unwrapped the duct tape and he began to wake up, he almost freaked out but I covered his mouth and looked in his eye`s. I didn`t want to speak so I mouthed words out to him.
    ' Someone is sleeping, be quite.'
 He nodded and we got up and ran towards the door. We closed the door and sat against the wall, we sat there breathing until I looked at him. I instantly started to cry, I kissed him not caring about the blood only caring to know he was here and he was alive and okay and that I could kiss him.
    " Alison, I`m so sorry I got you into this."
    " It`s okay."
    " No, when we get out, you need to leave me alone. I`m bad, I won`t hurt you or let you get hurt and that is all that will happen with me."
    " Harry shut up right now. I told you I`m not going anywhere and I`m not."
We got up and walked down a stair case, we got down two flights of stairs and got down one more til we ran into more trouble. There was a door with two guys standing at it, they both had guns and they were talking. One of them went into the room the other one just stood there. Harry walked down, I stood there and just watched. Harry acted like he knew the guy and the guy fell for it, Harry then punched him so hard that he knocked him out, he took the guys gun and told me to come with him. He opened the door and the guys instantly got there guns out and Harry pulled the gun up.
    " Don`t shoot or I will kill you all."
 They all looked at him and came closer, there was about 3 of them. One ran at Harry and Harry just stepped to the side and hit the wall and fell down. One other guy shot but missed and Harry shot him in both knee`s and then shot the other one in the shoulder.
    " Ali run!"
 Harry grabbed my hand and we ran, the guy he shot in the shoulder fired his gun and Harry fell. the bullet grazed his leg, Harry got back up and we ran out the door running out of the building. We ran down an ally-way and onto a street. It was dark out so it was sometime after nine p.m. We walked down the street and looked around.
    " Harry do you know where we are?"
    " Yeah, this is Paul`s factory. We`re about ten minutes from my house."
    " We need clothes."
    " We can get some at my house, we can run if you would like."
    " No, I hurt every where. Let`s just go quickly."
 He nodded and we walked as fast as we could without looking more suspicious then we already did. We arrived at a neighborhood that looked expensive. There was a gate a guard, Harry went up to the guy and talked to him and then the gate opened. We walked thru and down a street and to a house on the corner. Harry went to the gate to the back and wiggled it a little and it opened.
    " Okay Ali, I`m gonna climb this vine thing and throw a backpack down full of clothes and money just stay here and sit please."
    " I thought this is your house."
    " It`s my parents, I don`t live here."
 I didn`t ask since all I really wanted was to go home and shower. He climbed the vine thing against the house and opened the window and climbed thru it. He threw a blue Jan-sport backpack down about 5 minutes later and climbed back down. He grabbed my hand and drug me threw the yard the the fence and walked out closing the fence. He walked down a sidewalk with my hand in his and towards tree`s, there was a small opening and we climbed thru it the a little club house made of branches. We went inside and Harry turned a lantern on and it illuminated the entire club house. It was very fascinating to be honest, I had always wanted to build one of these with my childhood friends. There was a couch and chairs and little figurines and every ten year old boys would want to play with. He sat on the couch and I sat right next to him, he sighed and rested his elbows on his knee`s and ran his hands thru his hair.
    " I`m sorry." Harry said quietly looking down at the floor. I picked his head and looked at him in the eye`s.
    " Please stop, Harry I don`t want you to say sorry. No matter how bad this got don`t say sorry."
 He grabbed the bag and opened it and dug thru it. He pulled a pair of shorts out and a tank top along with a bra and a pair of underwear which I was extremely grateful for at that moment. I got up and went into the corner of the room and changed into them. I came back to Harry who had also changed into some basketball shorts and a football shirt with the sleeves cut off. I put my bathing suit into the bag along with his and he grabbed about what looked like a hundred dollars out and put in his pocket.
    " I grabbed a pair of my sister`s sandals but I don`t know if they would fit you or not."
    " What size are they?"
    " Seven."
    " That`s actually perfect."
 He handed them to me and I slipped them on and he tied his Nike`s around his feet. We sat on the couch for a little bit until I broke the silence.
    " Harry."
    " Yes."
    " Why don`t you talk about your sister?"
    " Because we don`t speak."
    " Don`t worry bout it babe."
    " What?"
    " Nothing."
    " Harry, what is it?"
    " Why are you here Alison? I have endangered your life tremendously, yet you are here with me hiding with me from drug lords."
    " Harry, this is life, we do things we aren`t proud of or wish we never would have done. We can`t take it back but Harry I will not leave you here to fend for yourself. I want to be here with and for you for as long as possible."
    " I don`t understand you Alison. You are one hell of a girl and I love that."
 He cupped my cheeks and kissed me, he held the kiss for a long time and looked at me when he was done.
    " Harry what happens when they find us?"
    " I don`t know but let`s leave and go back to your house."
 I nodded and we left and started walking back towards the gate, Harry called a taxi from the guard booth. We sat on the ground for about thirty minutes until it came, once it did Harry gave the guy all the money and I told him my address. It took us about an hour to get to my house, Harry and I fell asleep in the taxi. When we got to my house the taxi driver woke us up and we got out. There was a black truck parked on the street.
    " Harry they`re here."
 Harry looked around and saw the cars.
    " Do you have any other way that we could get into your house?"
    " Yeah, my side door into my garage."
    " We can go in that way."
 We walked around the side of my house and I opened the door into the garage. I grabbed a shovel that was leaning against the table and Harry grabbed my brother`s metal bat. I walked in and turned the corner and came behind a guy and hit him so hard in the head he fell to the ground. My mother was tied in a chair and my brother was to, they drug guy`s looked at me after the guy fell to the ground lifelessly. Paul smiled and looked at Harry and I.
    " Look who came to save mommy and bubby. Sean you know what to do."
  One of the guys came walking towards us cracking his knuckles.
    " Don`t do it Sean! I`ll hit you." I threatened him raising the shovel. He came closer and closer and I threw the shovel down onto his head. He stepped back and put his hand on his head. Blood started trickling down his head. He continued to walk towards me and I attempted to hit him again but he caught the shovel this time.
     " No Sean, she`s mine." Harry spoke form behind me, he grabbed my wrist and pulled the behind my back.
    " Harry, what are you doing?"
    " The only thing I planned on doing."
Harry tugged me into the living room and tied me to a chair and looked at Paul and nodded to him.
    " Harry what the hell are you doing?"
    " Ali, I never meant anything. This was purely for money, your`s to be exact."
    " I never gave you money."
    " Obviously you dumb whore. We are stealing it smart one."
 I the felt the lump, the pain in the throat you get when you are about to cry. Tears falling down my eye`s.
    " Harry I love you."    
    " Nice to know. Ali get this thru your head if you haven`t already, you will never have me."
 Tears started to fall out more and more as Harry said the hurtful words to my face. My heart was breaking piece by piece.
    " Harry why? I love you."
 Harry then looked at me I swear he looked so sympathetic and he turned around to Paul and punched him in the face. Paul stumbled back and shook his head.
    " You cheated me Harold!"
 Harry punched Paul once more before letting Paul fall to the ground, Harry punched Paul numerous times. Blood started spewing from his face.
    " Harry stop! Your killing him!"
    " Good he needs to die!"
    " Harry please stop, if you kill him you go to prison and I won`t be able to see you."
 Harry stopped punching him and took Paul`s shirt and wiped the blood off his hand. Harry came to me and untied me and then my brother as I untied my mother. I untied her and hugged her instantly along with my brother.
    " We need to get out of the house."
 We all walked out of the front door and to the end of our drive way, my mom got her phone out and handed it to Harry.
    " Call the cops."
 He took the phone and called them and they arrived shortly with an ambulance and about 6 cop car`s. We got taken to the station and were there for about four or five hours. Harry and I sat in the waiting room, he slid his hand over onto my thigh but I pushed it away.
    " No."
    " Please tell me you don`t believe what I said earlier."
    " How could I not? Harry you said them without budging. You said them so good like you meant them."
    " Alison I have never lied so much in my life then when I told you that we were nothing."
 I blinked and tears started to form, I could feel one fall down my cheek. Harry went to go wipe one away and I flinched back. He looked at me with so much overwrought.
    " You think I was going to hurt you?"
 I didn`t answer him just looked away trying to blink the tears away.
    " Alison I would and will never hurt you in my life! Alison Elizabeth Stanford I love you and I would take as many bullet`s I`d need to for you."
    " What?" I looked at him in astonishment at the three words he just told me.
    " I love you."
    " I love you Harry."
    " Be mine. I`m not asking you, I`m telling you, be mine. I don`t want to go on without you by my side."
 I nodded with tears rolling down my face. I jumped up and he got up and I hugged him for so long that I felt that we were bothering people from just standing there hugging for so long.


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